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Synopsis for "Mayan Rule, Part I: Bloodletting"


In Banff National Park, the Red Hulk, A-Bomb, and Machine Man have joined the members of Alpha Flight to investigate the appearance of a Mayan temple in the region. Confirming its existence, the Red Hulk tells the Canadian heroes that the structure needs to be torn down. As they charge down the hill, A-Bomb warns them that what they are facing will be a force to be reckoned with.

Two Weeks Ago

Rick Jones is in Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan on a tour of an ancient Mayan temple. He is told that they are the last tour before work is being done on the structure. When Rick inquires where the work is being done, the guide tells him that it is happening inside the temple. Along the way, Rick contacts his allies She-Hulk and Lyra who are investigating another temple in Uxmal and wish him luck on his investigation. Soon, the guide leads them to the inner temple. There the guide begins telling them about the Mayan sacrifices. It's then that Rick notices that the exit has suddenly closed off. The guide then cuts his hand and bleeds on the Chac Mool, causing the Mayapan known as Ixchel to appear before the astonished eyes of the tourists. She tells the guide that she needs more power, and is obliged. Pressing a button on the wall, the guide traps two of the tourists in pillars of light. As the life forces of these people are being drained, Rick attempts to free them but is knocked back by the energies that keep them contained. Suddenly, their guide reverts back to his true form, that of Camazotz. The two sacrifices give Ixchel the power she needs to return fully to life.

With the situation growing more dangerous, Rick transforms into his A-Bomb form and attempts to attack the two Mayapan. As the two entities begin stealing the life forces of the other tourists, A-Bomb tries to get them out, but only succeeds in saving the lives of a mother and her child. The Ixchel warns Rick Jones that they cannot be stopped, especially now that they know what his human form looks like. Suddenly, the temple vanishes in a flash of light.

One Week Ago

Rushing back to the United States, Rick then traveled to Gamma Base where he met with Thaddeus Ross, his LMD assistant Annie, and Machine Man. There he tells the that he screwed things up, telling them that he unleashed something horrible upon the world. He remarks that Ross should know a thing or two about doing something like that.


Catching everyone up on what happened, and explains how he accidentally released the Mayapan. When they asked what happened to the two She-Hulks, Rick tells his allies that they disappeared along with the temple they were investigating. Realizing that this temple is real, Alpha Flight tries to head in, but the Red Hulk insists that he and A-Bomb go in first. However, Guardian insists that as they are Canada's defenders and therefore they will go first. He sends Arora inside to do recon inside while Machine Man scans the structure. He informs them that the temple makes temporal shifts to different points on the world. When they ask Sasquatch to revert to human form so he can analyze the situation as Walter Langkowski, the members of Alpha Flight are caught by surprise when their teammate is possessed by the one of the Mayapan and attacks them.

The Red Hulk, A-Bomb, and Snowbird attempt to subdue Sasquatch, but this doesn't work. This prompts Talisman to use his powers to bind his possessed teammate with tree branches. Sasquatch breaks free and the battle rages on. That's when the Red Hulk notices that Sasquatch is trying to draw them closer to the Mayan pyramid. He tries to stop Snowbird and A-Bomb from following after him, but only succeeds in pulling Rick away. As Sasquatch and Snowbird enter the pyramid, a ghostly image of Ixchel appears and tells them that the gamma-spawns were instrumental in their restoration and says they no longer need two of their prisoners anymore. Out of the temple emerge the emaciated forms of She-Hulk and Lyra.

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• Guest starring Alpha Flight, Machine Man, She-Hulks, A-Bomb!!!


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  • Sasquatch has reduced intelligence in this story. This is due to a head injury when he was a football player, as explained in Alpha Flight (Vol. 4) #3.

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