Quote1.png I just did simple math. The two She-Hulks went missing...and then those two arrived. This pyramid vanished with three of Alpha Flight...and now there are three more. They're draining lives to resurrect themselves. Quote2.png
-- Machine Man

Appearing in "Mayan Rule, Part II: Reunion"

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Synopsis for "Mayan Rule, Part II: Reunion"

The city of San Miguel, El Salvador, is hit with massive tidal waves caused by the Mayapan goddess Ixchel. Walking above the chaos, she apologizes for having to resort to some measures, however, after centuries of being imprisoned she seeks to regain the fear and respect her followers once had for her. Meanwhile, at Gamma Base in Nevada, Thaddeus Ross and A-Bomb get a status report from Puck about the condition of Guardian and Shaman of Alpha Flight. Rick explains that they are preparing to mobilize, but when Puck insists on coming along and asks where they are, A-Bomb terminates their communicator. They understand that Puck wants to help his friends who were captured by the Mayapan, as the two She-Hulks were drained of their life essence and are barely hanging onto life. X-51 has them floating in a nutrient bath to keep them clinging to life. That's when Annie enters the room and tells them that she was able to get information regarding the Mayapan from reports on Telemundo.

In the briefing room, she shows footage of Ixchel's attack on El Salvador, while another being called Camazotz has been drinking the blood of people in Guatemala. Seeing all the carnage and destruction, A-Bomb can understand why people banished these horrors centuries earlier. She has also learned that the pyramid from Chichen Itza that teleported to Canada has now returned to its original location. Ross orders Annie to fire up the plane and tells A-Bomb that they will have a few hours to try and devise a plan of action. En route, they continue scanning reports and learn that other Mayan pyramids are being transported to different points of the globe. As they approach the temple, Ross decides to do what they are not expecting by firing a missile at the temple. Rick thinks this is crazy since the members of Alpha Flight might still be prisoners inside, but Ross assures him that it is merely a wall buster to allow them to get a look inside. However, the missile passes harmlessly through the pyramid and is transported to another in Egypt, where the missile explodes harmlessly.

Suddenly, the massive flaming form of Tohil appears over the temple to defend it. Ross fires more missiles at the massive fire god. Ross and Jones begin transforming into their Hulk forms while Annie ejects from the ship. When Tohil goes for Annie, the Red Hulk leaps out of the ship to attack the massive flame being directly. With the help of Machine Man, they manage to blow up Tohil's body. Landing on the ground, they are attacked by the plant god known as Yum Kaax, who binds them in his vines. While X-51 and the Red Hulk struggle to get free when Tohil reforms and resumes his attack only to be smashed into pieces again by A-Bomb. While near the temple, Annie watches as Ixchet deploys Camazotz and Ah Puch into battle. Once they have left to join their allies in battle, Annie steals into the temple. Soon, Ah Puch and the others join the battle, but Ixchel warns her fellow Mayapan not to destroy their foes as their strength will help bring the rest of their people back from their exile. Although A-Bomb is spoiling for a fight, X-51 points out that more of the Mayapan have appeared with each superhuman they have captured, deducing that they drain their life away to resurrect themselves. Before they can retreat, the ground rips open as Tohil unleashes his full power.

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• Guest starring Alpha Flight, Machine Man, She-Hulks, A-Bomb!!!


Continuity Notes

  • A-Bomb recognizes Ixchel as a woman named Chibi. In that identity she tricked Rick into freeing the Mayapan to begin with as seen in Hulk (Vol. 2) #3031.

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