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Quote1.png Red Hulk thinks Hulk is stupid. Red Hulk hurts everybody. Red Hulk likes to kill. Red Hulk is bad Hulk. GREEN HULK STOPS RED HULK HERE! There is only one HULK. And he is GREEN! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Blood Red"

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Synopsis for "Blood Red"

After being pulled out of San Francisco Bay by A-Bomb following his battle with the Red Hulk, the green Hulk is confronted by Iron Man, Sub-Mariner, the Human Torch, Thing, She-Hulk and Ares. Iron Man asks the Hulk to put aside their differences and help them repair the damage done to San Andreas Fault after the Red Hulk damaged it falling to Earth. However, the situation becomes heated when Ares begins angering the Hulk. The pair almost come to blows if not for Iron Man and the others holding Ares back. Iron Man talks the Hulk into helping, but when She-Hulk tells the brute that they suspect that Doc Samson is the Red Hulk, the green Hulk leaps off to find him. Iron Man and the others have no other choice but to repair the damage done to save San Francisco instead of following after the Hulk.

Meanwhile, in Monument Valley, the Red Hulk recovers from his return to Earth. As he climbs out of the crater his body created he marvels at the fact that he was able to hold his own against Thor and jump from the Moon to Earth without harming himself. As he climbs out of the hole, he is suddenly grabbed by the green Hulk who is looking to end the battle that his foe started. The two begin to fight it out, but as the Red Hulk begins gaining the advantage, Thor returns from the Moon and throws Mjolnir into the Red Hulk's face. As Thor battles it out with the Red Hulk, the green Hulk recovers and discovers that A-Bomb followed after him. The Hulk wants to defeat his opponent himself, but A-Bomb points out that the Red Hulk grows hotter the angrier he gets, pointing out how his feet has been fusing the sand of the desert into glass.

Regardless, the Hulk leaps in and pushes Thor out of the way he can resume his fight. As the two Hulks battle it out, A-Bomb explains to Thor that this is the Hulk's fight and that he must win it for himself. Since the reptilian creature speaks wisely, if not simply, Thor agrees to stand aside and let the Hulk try and best his foe. The Red Hulk manages to get the upper hand but ultimately he becomes too hot and begins to weaken. this gives the green Hulk the edge he needs to defeat his red counterpart in battle. With the Red Hulk fallen, the green shouts that he is the one true Hulk. After witnessing the battle, the Thor recalls that state of the world upon his return, and how the Hulk had recently went to war against the planet. Seeing the creature battle now, Thor believes that the Hulk fought justly and extends his hand in friendship. This brings joy to the Hulk and Thor soon departs.

The Hulk begins to trudge off, A-Bomb asks him if they are still friends. Having figured out that A-Bomb is his friend Rick, the Hulk tells him that they will always be friends. Hearing his real name causes A-Bomb to try to catch up with his ally but he reverts back to human form. However, before he can inform his friend of the Red Hulk's identity he is shot in the back by Doc Samson. Samson tells Rick that he can't have him revealing any secrets. Samson and General Ross then approach the Red Hulk to express their dissatisfaction over his inability to kill the Hulk. Because of this, the two men inform the Red Hulk that he is on his own and leave him. Not long after they are gone, the Red Hulk suddenly opens his eyes.

Appearing in "Hulk Zoo"

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Synopsis for "Hulk Zoo"

The Green, Red and Blue Hulks visit the Zoo


Continuity Notes

  • Iron Man tells the Hulk to look past their differences. Calling them differences is putting it mildly since Iron Man was one of the beings responsible for shooting him into space in Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #91105.
  • Thor mentions the things that happened between the time he died and returned. Some facts:
    • Thor was killed in Thor (Vol. 2) #85.
    • He mentions the Civil War, which occurred in Civil War #17, Thor is particularly sore about this not only because his friends fought each other, but Iron Man also cloned him.
    • Thor was resurrected shortly after this, as seen in Thor (Vol. 3) #1.
  • The man who appears to be General Ross her is actually a LMD as revealed in Hulk (Vol. 2) #23.

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