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Synopsis for "The Ω Hulk: Chapter Eight"

Three Days Ago

Doc Green has tracked down Danny Rand, also known as Iron Fist, at his Thunder Dojo in Harlem. He asks Rand to use his Iron Fist to strike him as hard as possible. Danny obliges and knocks Green through the wall. The Doc is impressed and asks Iron Fist to teach him that same strike. Rand questions the ethics of teaching Doc Green martial arts. However, Doc explains that he needs an edge in fighting an evil version of himself. This convinces Rand, but he tells him that there is only one Iron Fist. Green is aware of this and simply wants to be taught, Kung Fu.


S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill arrives at Fort Knox after receiving reports of a rogue Life Model Decoy that broke into the facility. Shortly after her arrival, a call comes in from Doc Green. Not knowing who that is, she ignores the call and gets approaches the soldiers guarding Fort Knox, who tell her the facility is on lock down. That's when Doc Green arrives and Hill realizes that Green is actually the Hulk and dreads how he might be involved in all of this. He demands to be let into the facility as he knows that Fort Knox is the secret base of the Gamma Corps. Learning that a rogue LMD killed a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and is loose in the facility, Doc Green orders a communications blackout. When the soldiers protest, Maria Hill tells them that they should prepare their damage report if they don't let the Hulk through.

Doc Green and Hill are given access to the Fort and along the way he explains that the rogue LMD is being controlled by his artificial intelligence that has run off on its own. Hill is upset to hear that he is responsible and begins to ream him out. After forcing a soldier controlling the elevator to activate the biometric controls, they continue down alone. Doc Green explains how he created the A.I. because the intelligence granted to him by Extremis is starting to fade and needed it to assist him in his mission. When Maria asks what this has to do with Gamma Corps, he tells her that they are the next on their list. When they reach the Gamma Corps secret facility, they witness as the LMD -- in a suit of battle armor -- battles with Gamma Corps. Doc Green explains that he is seeking to prevent things like this from happening. Green orders Project Omega to stand down, but the intelligence refuses and knocks him into a pile of gold. Doc Green then informs his creation that he managed to accomplish the impossible: making him angry. As the two begin fighting, Maria tells the Gamma Corps that all LMD's have a kill switch and that they should cover her so she can get close enough to upload it.

Doc Green continues to battle his rogue creation, demanding to know where it sent Lyra. While they fight, Gamma Corps joins the battle. The A.I. tells Hill that the kill switch software has been deleted. However, Hill anticipated this and intends to use the kill chip hardwired into the LMD instead. By this point, Doc Green has incapacitated the LMD. However, it has the upper hand telling them that it is laced with plastic explosives it took from the armory. With no time to lose, Doc Green uses his body to shield the others from the blast. When the LMD explodes, Doc Green manages to absorb the brunt of the blast and nobody is hurt. In the aftermath of the battle, Maria Hill catches the Griffen trying to steal a gold bar and orders him to put it down. That's when Doc Green reveals that someone had replaced all the gold in Fort Knox with gold plated tungsten by biting through one of the bars. With the battle over, everyone takes the elevator back upstairs. However, while the members of Gamma Corps have their guard down, Doc Green shoots them with darts containing the antidote for gamma mutation, depowering them all. Maria Hill then asks Doc Green when this is all going to end.

Later, back at the ruins of the Baxter Building, Doc Green asks Randall Jessup and Daman Veteri if there has been any luck finding where the A.I. sent Lyra. Unfortunately, they have been unable to locate her yet. Daman then tells him that his appointment is waiting for him in the next room. There, Doc Green finds Deadpool posing for a selfie wearing a pair of torn purple pants. Doc Green tells Deadpool that he is hiring him to find Thaddeus Ross. When Deadpool asks how he will be paid, Doc Green tells him that payment will be made in gold bars.

Solicit Synopsis


• DOC GREEN’S wayward artificial intelligence causes more problems


• Doc Green receives training from an unexpected tutor...IRON FIST!


Continuity Notes

  • Doc Green states that he has a score to settle with Gamma Corps. He is referring to when they attacked the Hulk back in World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #14.

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