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Quote1.png My name is Bruce Banner, and I've been locked away by the Hulk. He's used every trick to hide me away. He had a smart teacher. But now, finally, I am free... Just in time to die. Quote2.png
Bruce Banner

Appearing in "The Ω Hulk: Chapter Ten"

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Synopsis for "The Ω Hulk: Chapter Ten"

Continuing his mission to de-power every gamma mutate on Earth, Doc Green has been led to Yucca Mountain by Deadpool, resulting in a battle to the finish with the Red Hulk. As the two fight it out, the Red Hulk continues to call his foe Bruce Banner. Doc Green insists that Ross will lose this fight because he doesn't know who his enemy is. He assures Thaddeus that before this fight is over the Red Hulk will say his name. As the battle rages on, Deadpool takes aim with his sniper rifle. He has been tasked with shooting the Red Hulk in the ear with a bullet that will prevent him from absorbing the radiation from the the toxic waste stored on the mountain to boost his power. The merc with a mouth takes great care to take aim and succeeds in shooting the Red Hulk on target. As the bullet strikes the Red Hulk in the ear, Doc Green explains that he was playing possum during their last battle, luring the Red Hulk to the Beehive so they could get a reading and develop a means to block his radiation absorbing abilities. Furious, the Red Hulk tells Doc Green that he doesn't need that power to defeat him.

As the battle rages on, Deadpool places a call to Steve Rogers to keep him appraised of the situation. Suddenly, Doc Green is slammed into a nearby rock formation that falls on Deadpool, ripping his body in half. This hardly phases him due to his enhanced healing abilities. However, he gets upset when a vulture lands on his severed legs and begins eating them. He shoots the carrion bird and begins dragging himself toward his legs, unaware that a pack of wolves are closing in on him. Green recovers from the impact and leaps back into the fray. It's then that he starts using the Kung Fu moves he learned from Iron Fist against his foe, easily overpowering him. As he begins jabbing his fingers into Ross' eyes, Doc Green tells his enemy that while Banner was driven by rage, he is driven by hatred. The Red Hulk breaks free and the pair trade blows with such force the reverberations are felt across the United States. Doc Green strikes the Red Hulk so hard he is knocked to Albuquerque, New Mexico. As the fight rages on, Doc Green calls the Red Hulk a failure to his daughter, the military, and his country. The Red Hulk angrily strikes back, saying that it is the Hulk's fault for everything happening, that he prevented them from having normal lives. With that, the Red Hulk strikes his foe sending him sailing into the air. Leaping up, the Red Hulk strikes him again, sending him falling to the ground. This final blow causes Doc Green to revert back into Bruce Banner. Banner finally has control over his body after so much time, but quickly realizes that he is about to fall to his death.

Solicit Synopsis

The final confrontation between Doc Green & Red Hulk begins!

• The punching, kicking, thunder-clapping and even biting starts now!

• A surprise appearance from...Bruce Banner?

• Will Deadpool really betray Thunderbolt Ross for Doc Green?


Continuity Notes

  • Doc Green mocks the Red Hulk for his failures as follows:
    • Failing his daughter Betty Ross. Betty died of radiation poisoning back in Incredible Hulk #466, her body was put into stasis. Her body was recovered by the Intelligencia in Fall of the Hulks: Alpha #1, they then turned her into the Red She-Hulk as detailed in Incredible Hulk #610.
    • Ross betrayed his country to help the Inteligencia take over the United States, allowing them to turn him into the Red Hulk as detailed in Hulk (Vol. 2) #21. In order to keep his identity secret, Thaddeus faked his death using a Life Model Decoy in Fall of the Hulks: Gamma #1.

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