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Quote1.png Ah, Tyrannosaurus Rex, the perennial Savage Land welcoming committee Quote2.png
-- Doc Green

Appearing in "The Ω Hulk: Chapter Three"

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Synopsis for "The Ω Hulk: Chapter Three"

In New York City, Doc Green meets with Teddy Altman, aka Hulkling, to talk to him about the youth's character. Doc Green already knows that Altman's powers are due to his mixed Kree/Skrull heritage and not the result of gamma radiation. Green tells Altman that he is flattered that he was paying homage to the Hulk, but warned him against toying with gamma radiation in the future or else he will return and put a stop to it. Hulkling promises that he won't, and with that Doc Green leaps away. He leaps across continents until he reaches the Savage Land. There he is instantly attacked by a tyrannosaurus rex, which he fights off with ease. No sooner has he done this, does a herd of dinosaurs come running by, signaling the arrival of Doc Green's son Skaar. Green tells his son that Bruce Banner is dead and that his demise led to his liberation and the cause of his own increased intelligence.

Getting down to business, Doc Green offers Skaar the chance to return to civilization. However, he will not allow it until Skaar has been cured of his gamma mutation. Skaar refuses to return to civilization or to give up his power telling the Doc to bring it on if he wants to force the issue. The two come to blows, with Doc Green questioning why the boy chooses to live in the Savage Land. Skaar explains that it reminds him of his home world and that he doesn't belong among humanity. With that Skaar strikes Doc Green with such force he knocks him into a nearby lava flow. Skaar rushes at Green before he can recover himself and he starts fighting him again. Skaar doubts that his father can cure him, given that he is half Hulk and half Oldstrong. With that, Skaar plunges Doc Green's head into the lava. Eventually, Green forces himself up and spits molten rock into his son's face. While Skaar is distracted, Doc Green orders his drone to drop a needle of serum. Before Skaar can recover, Doc Green rams the needle into his son, injecting him with the serum. Despite Skaar's doubts, the serum strips him of his Hulk form.

With Skaar cured, Doc Green explains that the cure is permanent and opens a portal to take the child to the next part of his life. The portal takes them to France where Doc Green tells him that he claims no percentage to Skaar any longer and tells him that now that he is cured of being a Hulk, he will never be alone again. Leaving Skaar with a backpack full of money, he tells the boy to experience life like a true human. Before departing, Green tells Skaar that if he still feels raw about the situation when he is an adult to seek him out. With that, Doc Green teleports himself back to the Beehive. There he is greeted by Daman Veteri, Randall Jessup, and Melinda Leucenstern. They tell him that they have made advancements on the gamma tracker that will allow them to track Red Hulks. However, Doc Green isn't interested in listening, telling them to continue their work as he is tired. Melinda is fed up with Doc Green's attitude, while Daman is concerned that Doc Green doesn't appear to sleep.

In his private quarters, Doc Green shaves his head and tries to meditate. When he begins to nod off, Doc Green begins to revert back to human form. Bruce Banner is disorientated and confused. Doc fights off the reversion through sheer will and then begins recording on something called Project Green A.I. He begins leaving a message to Banner, telling him that situation is changing. Meanwhile, at the secret headquarters of the Brotherhood of Shield, Betty Ross is looking over the Terranometer when she is interrupted by a Brotherhood agent. He tells her that they captured a man named Rick who demands to see her. Betty asks to be taken to him and discovers that it is her long time friend Rick Jones. He warns her that Doc Green will be coming for her to strip her of her power. Betty is not bothered by this and transforms into the Red She-Hulk. She tells Rick that she will not allow herself to be terrorized by the Hulk any longer.

Solicit Synopsis


• DOC GREEN versus SKAAR versus...hmm. We don’t want to spoil it

• But were you worried Doc Green forgot about the GAMMA CORPS?

• Plus, an appearance by a very unexpected green-skinned member of the of the HULK family.


Continuity Notes

  • Randall Jessup mentions how his Terrigen Inhibitors wipe him out. Jessup has Inhuman DNA in his body and exposure to the Terrigen Cloud caused him to transform into a creature that feeds off emotion. He keeps this in check with inhibitors that prevent his transformations. All this occurred in Indestructible Hulk #1620.

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