Quote1 "Not a monster..."...yer the monster! Quote2
-- Thing

Appearing in "Hulk vs. Thing Part Three: Monster Maker"

The Present:

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  • Hard rock cafe
  • South seas


  • Telephotos

The Past:

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Synopsis for "Hulk vs. Thing Part Three: Monster Maker"

The Thing continues to tell the Hulk his account of the Fantastic Four's first conflict with the Hulk, and he has revealed a shocker: A satellite photo that shows the Thing standing before a defeated Hulk. However the Hulk isn't convinced that the photo is faked. Since the Hulk isn't willing to listen, the Thing decides its time to go, but this puts the Hulk into a fury. The two come to blows as the military continues to watch from a distance. The Hulk then tells his side of the story as he remembers it...

It was the moment that the Fantastic Four first encountered the Hulk. Eventually the Thing and the Hulk were trading blows. However the fight was over with no clear winner due to the fact that the Wrecker interfered with the fight by blasting the Hulk in the back of the head. While the Fantastic Four dealt with the Wrecker and freed Rick Jones, the Hulk fled the scene.

The two come to blows once again over the fact that the Hulk admitted weakness and fled. However, the Thing finally gets to the conclusion of his story.

... That night the Fantastic Four decided to visit the South Seas to relax after their battle with the Hulk. However Doctor Doom's words, calling the Thing a monster, continue to ring in his head. The Thing loses his temper and heads out to prove that he's not a monster by tracking down the Hulk...


Continuity Notes

  • The flashback where the Fantastic Four battle the Hulk and the Wrecker originally occurred in Fantastic Four #12.

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