Season 1

  1. Doorway to Destruction, Part 1
  2. Doorway to Destruction, Part 2
  3. Hulk-Busted
  4. The Collector
  5. All About Ego
  6. Savage Land
  7. Incredible Shrinking Hulks
  8. Hulks On Ice
  9. Of Moles and Men
  10. Wendigo Apocalypse
  11. The Skaar Whisperer
  12. Into the Negative Zone
  13. Red Rover
  14. The Venom Inside
  15. Galactus Goes Green
  16. A Thing About Machines
  17. Abomination
  18. Mission Impossible Man
  19. For Asgard
  20. Stranger in a Strange Land
  21. Deathlok
  22. Inhuman Nature
  23. The Hunted
  24. Monsters No More
  25. Planet Leader
  26. It's a Wonderful Smash

Season 2

  1. Planet Hulk, Part 1
  2. Planet Hulk, Part 2
  3. Fear Itself
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy
  5. Future Shock
  6. A Druff is Enough
  7. Homecoming
  8. Spidey, I Blew Up the Dinosaur
  9. Hulking Commandos
  10. The Strongest One There Is
  11. The Dopplesmashers
  12. The Big Green Mile
  13. The Green Room
  14. The Defiant Hulks
  15. Enter, The Maestro
  16. The Tale of Hercules
  17. Banner Day
  18. Wheels of Fury
  19. Days of Future Smash, Part 1: The Dino Era
  20. Days of Future Smash, Part 2: Smashgard
  21. Days of Future Smash, Part 3: Dracula
  22. Days of Future Smash, Part 4: The Hydra Years
  23. Days of Future Smash, Part 5: The Tomorrow Smashers
  24. Spirit of Vengeance
  25. Planet Monster, Part 1
  26. Planet Monster, Part 2


Joining the Marvel Universe block on Sunday, August 11 is Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Hulk has long fought alone to protect a world that sees him as a monster, but his best friend Rick Jones has taken it upon himself to film the world-saving exploits of Big Green and his team to change that image. In this never before seen team up of Hulk, his cousin She-Hulk, A-Bomb, Red Hulk, and Skaar, Marvel's mightiest super heroes form an eccentric family living under one roof, working together to tackle threats that are too enormous for other heroes to handle them. From trying to house break their giant red pet T-Rex to stopping Ego the Living Planet from crashing into the Earth, the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. must learn to balance their Hulk-sized actions with their everyday family-sized problems.


Principal voice actors

Character Voice Actor
Hulk (Bruce Banner), Charon, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Hiroim, Karnak, Maestro (Maestro takes over the future world), Thunderball (Eliot Franklin) (1st Time) Vampire Lord Hulk (Vampire-dominated timeline), Volstagg, Wrecker (Dirk Garthwaite) (2nd Time), Xemnu Fred Tatasciore
Red Hulk (Thunderbolt Ross), Black Bolt, General Thunder Lizard Rossasaurus (Intelligent Evolved Dinosaurs timeline), Googams, Hogun, Supreme Intelligence, Uatu the Watcher Clancy Brown
Skaar, S.M.A.S.H. Jumpjet Computer, Bulldozer (Henry Camp), Fandral, Googams, Miek, RJ3 (Rick Jones III) (L-E-A-D-R's future) Benjamin Diskin
She-Hulk (Jen Walters), Googams Eliza Dushku
A-Bomb (Rick Jones), Rocket Raccoon, Future A-Bomb (Rick Jones) (Maestro takes over the future world) Seth Green
Leader, Blastaar, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Hydra Supreme Leader (Samuel Sterns) (Hydra-dominated timeline), Junior (L-E-A-D-R's future), L-E-A-D-R (L-E-A-D-R's future), Moon Boy (Intelligent Evolved Dinosaurs timeline), Triton James Arnold Taylor

Additional voices

Character Voice Actor
Absorbing Man, Korg, Piledriver (Brian Calusky), Thunderball (Eliot Franklin) (2nd Time) Jonathan Adams
Goom, Wendigos, Wendigo King Dee Bradley Baker
Loki Troy Baker
Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Raptor (Intelligent Evolved Dinosaurs timeline) Drake Bell
The Collector (Taneleer Tivan) Jeff Bennett
Red Ghost (Ivan Kragoff) J. B. Blanc
Devil Dinosaur, El Diablo (Intelligent Evolved Dinosaurs timeline), Sauron (Karl Lykos), Wolverine (James Howlett), Wrecker (Dirk Garthwaite) (1st Time) Steven Blum
The Thing (Ben Grimm) Dave Boat
Dracula, High Evolutionary (Herbert Wyndham) (Gamma meteor devastated future Earth) Corey Burton
Doctor Strange the Sorcerer Supreme Jack Coleman
Hercules Townsend Coleman
Mainframe Jeffrey Combs
Star-Lord (Peter Quill) (1st Time) Chris Cox
Blade (Eric Brooks) Terry Crews
Moloid Shaman Grey DeLisle
Galactus, Firelord (Pyreus Kril), Null the Living Darkness, Obnoxio the Clown John DiMaggio
Abomination (Emil Blonsky), Annihilus, Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) Robin Atkin Downes
Pluto Robert Englund
Medusa, Crystal Mary Faber
The Living Mummy (N'Kantu) Oded Fehr
Star-Lord (Peter Quill) Will Friedle (3rd Time)
Gamora, Queen Lilandra Neramani (Holographic illusion) Nika Futterman
Titania (Mary MacPherran) Clare Grant
Super-Skrull (Kl'rt) Kevin Grevioux
Elloe Kaifi Laura Harris
Deathlok (Luther Manning) (Skrulls eradicate all life from future Earth) Mark Hildreth
Doc Samson (Leonard Samson) J.P. Karliak
Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius), Impossible Man Tom Kenny
Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom) Maurice LaMarche
Dormammu Phil LaMarr
Mole Man (Harvey Elder) David H. Lawrence XVII
Dr. Betty Ross Misty Lee
Mayor Stan Lee Stan Lee
Thad (L-E-A-D-R 's future) Jason Marsden
Malekith the Accursed, Ronan the Accuser, Terrax the Tamer (Tyros) James C. Mathis III
Director Nick Fury Chi McBride
Gorgon, Maximus the Mad, Werewolf by Night (Jack Russell), Werewolf by Night's Grandfather Nolan North
Arkon, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Red Skull-asaurus (The Leader tempering with alternative timelines) Liam O'Brien
Iron Man (Tony Stark) Adrian Pasdar
Laufey Enn Reitel
Ego the Living Planet, Frankenstein's Monster, Groot Kevin Michael Richardson
J. Jonah Jameson, J. Jonah Jamesosaurus (Intelligent Evolved Dinosaurs timeline), Vampire J. Jonah Jameson (Vampire-dominated timeline), J. Jonah Jameson (Hydra-dominated timeline) J. K. Simmons
Captain America (Steve Rogers), Old Captain America (Steve Rogers) (Hydra-dominated timeline) Roger Craig Smith
Drax the Destroyer David Sobolov
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd) Brent Spiner
Betts (L-E-A-D-R's future) Tara Strong
Invisible Woman (Sue Storm) Kari Wahlgren
Odin Borson Frank Welker
Thor Travis Willingham


  • Jamie Simone - Casting and Voice Director


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