"Doorway to Destruction, Part 2"
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Synopsis for "Doorway to Destruction, Part 2"

Annihilus gets a mind-control device on Red Hulk and sends him and Skaar to attack the ship that Hulk, She-Hulk, and A-Bomb used to get into the Negative Zone. After Hulk freed Red Hulk and Skaar from the mind-control device, Hulk and Red Hulk suspect that someone from Earth has supplied Annihilus with the mind-control devices. While the others fight Annihilus' minions, Hulk ends up confronting Annihilus who crashes Hulk's mini-jet. Hulk then fights against Annihilus until Hulk grabs Annihilus' Cosmic Control Rod enough for it to rupture and render Annihilus powerless. Annihilus claims that his hordes will still wipe out Earth until Hulk bends the Cosmic Control Rod in two. It was later revealed that Leader was the one who supplied Annihilus with the mind-control technology.


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