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Quote1.png If the giants win...if Olympus falls...then the cosmic axis shifts. And the God-Eater...FEASTS. Quote2.png
-- Demogorge

Appearing in "Smash of the Titans"

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Synopsis for "Smash of the Titans"

The Present:

Amadeus Cho, Hercules, and Athena are taking time away from their quest for some downtime at a bar in New York City. After trouncing Hercules in an arcade game, Amadeus sits down with Athena. While discussing their recent ordeals, Cho admits that the Hulk could have killed them all during his war against the planet Earth. Cho realizes that he idolized the wrong hero. When Athena notes that Amadeus shouldn't necessarily idolize Hercules in the place of the Hulk as she has a story to tell him that involves both Hercules and the Hulk.

She starts by telling of how Gaea was the mother of all of the gods of Earth. Among her children was the Demogorge a powerful being that almost destroyed the Earth three times over. When Uranus persecuted the Cyclopes, she sent the Titans to banish him. When the Titans later enslaved the Cyclopes she sent the Olympian pantheon of gods to deal with them as well, banishing them to the realm of Tartarus. She then goes on to say how Gaea stayed out of the affairs of mortals or gods until the age of heroes. A number of years ago, the Hulk was reduced to a brainless creature and went on a rampage through New York. With no other choice, Doctor Strange was forced to banish the Hulk to the Crossroads dimension. The intended goal was to give the Hulk to opportunity to find a world that suits his needs. However, with each world he visited, the Hulk became more and more unhappy. This misery attracted the attention of Gaea who took pity on the gamma-spawned monster. The Hulk soon finds himself transported to Olympus. Confused and disorientated, the Hulk begins to go on a rampage, attracting the attention of the gods.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Hercules is participating in a charity match with the wrestlers of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation at Madison Square Garden. Hercules manages to best all the combatants in the ring, including the Thing. With the match over, Hercules is contacted by Hermes who tells him that he must return to Olympus immediately. Back on Olympus, the Hulk happens upon Zeno and Callias, two battle-ravaged remains of the once proud Titans who are seeking to free their brothers from Tartarus. Sensing that the Hulk is a creature of noble spirit, the two Titans invite him to their side and earns the mindless brute's friendship with by giving him some of their ale. The Hulk and his new friends are soon spotted by Ares and Athena. When Ares goes down to face the trio, he is shocked when his spear breaks against the Hulk's impervious form. This angers the Hulk and he knocks out Ares with a single blow. Impressed by the Hulk's strength, the two Titans convince the Hulk that the Olympians are his enemies and point out the palace of the gods.

The Hulk leaps to the palace where he startles Zeus and the others gods. However, before he can attack them, Hermes arrives with Hercules. The demigod then engages the Hulk in battle. The two battle it out, but are evenly matched. Ares soon arrives and tries to attack the Hulk himself, but Hercules wants no interference. Hercules then convinces the Hulk to cease fighting. Just then the Titans manage to break the seal that keeps their brothers trapped in Tantarus. Cronus then leads his armies against the Olympians. The liberation of the Titans summons Demogorge who has come to consume them all. With their lives on the line, Hercules and the others leap into battle. Not fully understanding what is going on, the Hulk joins the Gods in their battle. However, the brute becomes mortified when Hercules slays Zeno and Callias. The Olympians then force the Titans back into Tantarus and repair the seal. With the status quo restored, the Demogorge departs, warning the gods that their day will come soon. Although Hercules rejoyces in their victory, the Hulk is unhappy that his new friends were murdered. His unhappiness then triggers the spell that sends him back to the Crossroads.

Athena concludes her tale, the goddess warns Amadeus that Hercules is loyal to his father and will follow his orders without question. She explains that sometimes even the Gods must become monsters.

Appearing in "The Titan and the Torment"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Tales to Astonish #79.

Synopsis for "The Titan and the Torment"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Tales to Astonish #79.


Continuity Notes

  • This story recaps the events of Incredible Hulk #299300 when the Hulk rampaged through New York City and was banished to the Crossroads by Dr. Starnge.
  • The flashbacks of the Hulk at the Crossroads include his battle with the Iron Knights and and the death of Zgorian which occurred in Incredible Hulk #302304.
  • The flashback in this story happens during a period that the Thing was associated with the UCWF circa Thing #2835.
  • In the flashback, Athena and Ares recount the last time they encountered the Hulk. That happened in Avengers #100.

Chronology Notes

There are a series of flashbacks that affect the chronology of various characters who appear in this story. These affected characters are:

Ancient History:

The Recent Past:

The Present:

Publication Notes

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