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After the Hulk reverted to his bestial personality, he was captured by Doc Samson. Samson persuaded the government to rebuild and finance Gamma Base. There, Samson managed to separate Banner and the Hulk into two discrete beings, although the Hulk was able to escape. Banner was named the leader of this iteration of the Hulkbusters.[citation needed]

Like Banner, the members of this Hulkbuster team were all people who had wanted to make up for past mistakes and saw bringing in the Hulk as a way to do so. However, the group was mired with problems and would soon fall apart: Carolyn Parmentor would perish during their first mission, Armand Martel and Hideko Takata would quit and Craig Saunders and Sam LaRoquette would join The Leader, becoming Redeemer and Rock.[citation needed]

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