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Two men use the alias of The Human Torch in the mainstream continuity:

Jonathan Storm, the youngest member of the Fantastic Four, who gained super powers from cosmic radiation as well as the other three members during an unauthorized space flight, doctor Reed Richards, his sister Sue Storm and pilot Ben Grimm.

Jim Hammond is the original Human Torch. Created in the lab of Phineas Horton, he is virtually considered human, and his android body produced his fire powers. He fought during World War II and gained a medal of honor for killing Adolf Hitler. Currently, he's a member of the black ops team of superheroes led by Hawkeye known as the Secret Avengers. He was the mentor and foster parent of Thomas Raymond, the second Human Torch.

The Human Torch was created by Carl Burgos in his original incarnation. He first appeared in Marvel Comics #1. (1939) The modern version was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, first appearing in Fantastic Four #1. (1961)

The list below refers to the alternate versions of Johnny Storm. For alternate versions of Jim Hammond, search in this page. Other characters who used the nickname "Human Torch" can be found at the section others.

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