When the Magus, the dark personality of Adam Warlock, sought to conquer the universe, he first paid a visit to Anthropomorpho in the Dimension of Manifestation to create dopplegangers of every super-hero on Earth. [1]

One of these dopplegangers was based off the Fantastic Four's Human Torch. [2] A doppelganger of the Torch was sent to take the place of the original. It attacked Johnny alongside doppelgangers of the X-Men's Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, and Jean Grey. During the fight, the Torch was forced to use his flame powers to kill the Wolverine doppelganger and when he realized that they were mindless creatures, he used his nova flame to slay the rest of the fake X-Men. The doppelganger version of the Torch was more satisfied having compromised the Torch's moral code on killing a foe, and deciding that the original was now as "dark" as his evil shade, the Torch doppelganger teleported away. [3]

This or other doppelgangers of the Human Torch were seen during the final battle against the forces of the Magus. [4][5] Ultimately any remaining dopplegangers of the Torch were apparently destroyed along with all the others when Adam Warlock finally defeated the Magus. [6]


The doppelgangers can assume the form of whatever individual they desire, able to mimic their abilities, powers, and weapons. In their natural form of a tentacled creature, they are able to merge with their prey, taking over their bodies.

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