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Synopsis for "Human Torch Vs. Sub-Mariner"

A prison guard at Alcatraz prison hears noises coming from down below near the cell where they are holding the Python. When he warns the warden, the warden dismisses a possible escape attempt, so the guard contacts the Human Torch and Toro instead, and the two heroes decide to investigate. As they are flying across the country, the Sub-Mariner is also attracted by the noise coming out of the prison and decides to go and investigate himself. He arrives on shore at the same time as the Human Torch and Toro. Namor and the Torch exchange heated words and soon a fight breaks out, until the Torch tosses the Sub-Mariner back into the water. The Sub-Mariner finds himself close to the source of the noise and discovers some fake rocks covering whatever is happening. Inside the prison, the Python eagerly awaits for a Nazi U-Boat — equipped with a drill — to dig its way up through the prison floor.

Soon the prison is attacked by Nazi soldiers who succeed in breaking out the Python. While the Sub-Mariner wrecks the sub, the Torch and Toro help the prison guards on the surface fight off the German invaders. During the fight, the Python kills the warden and makes his way to the sub only to find the Sub-Mariner has just finished wrecking it. Electrocuting the hero and leaving him for dead, the Python flees the scene.

The Torch and Toro follow after him as he makes his getaway in one of four getaway cars. While the two flaming heroes try to capture the right one, they fail to stop the Python who manages to duck away into the night by diving into a manhole cover. By this point, the Sub-Mariner has reunited with the Torch and Toro and another fight breaks out between the two senior heroes even though Toro demands that they put aside their differences with their country in danger, but it is to no avail.

Meanwhile, the Python is relocated to New York City, and placed in a hideout that will help his operation. He is called by Hitler himself, who has orchestrated this entire breakout in order to have the Python eliminate the Human Torch. To this end, he orders him to locate and capture Professor Horton, the man who created the Human Torch.

The following day, the Python pays the Professor a visit and easily subdues him. He then has Horton call the Torch and tell him to come to his aid alone. The Torch complies and soon finds himself in a trap, and when he tries to fight free of the Python and his men, he is tossed into the chamber he was created in. Exposing him to the device a second time causes him to transform into a massive flaming form that is completely under the control of the Python. By this time, Toro — having become worried over his mentor — has tracked down the Sub-Mariner and the duo arrive at Horton's home. There they are forced to fight the gigantic Torch while the Python and his men escape. As icing on the cake, the Python has called the FBI and implicated Toro, Horton, and Sub-Mariner — telling the authorities that they are Nazi sympathizers. After the Python and his Torch slave have left, Toro and the Sub-Mariner learn the truth and begin working with Horton to try to devise a way to save the Torch. They are interrupted by the FBI who arrive to arrest them, but the trio manage to escape.

With a device to track the Human Torch's flames, they follow the signal to the hideout of the Python, but find that they are too late — the Python has left and turned his flaming slave against the waterfront while they wait for Nazi forces to arrive. When the Sub-Mariner and Toro arrive on the scene they begin to fight off the Nazi invaders. The Python, seeing that the Sub-Mariner is alive, orders the Torch to kill him leading to a fight atop the George Washington Bridge as American reinforcement arrive to fight the Nazis.

The Sub-Mariner and Toro prove to be no match for the Torch's enhanced powers and both are tossed into the Hudson River to drown, while the Python and his forces flee the scene leaving the Nazi fleet to be destroyed by American forces. After sending the Torch to destroy American jets, the Python and his men are almost smothered when the Torch's uncontrollable flame sets the nearby brush ablaze. Tracking the Torch, the Sub-Mariner, Toro and Horton come across the massive blaze just after the Python has ordered the Torch away. Confronting the spies, Toro manages to round up the Nazis but the Python escapes.

Following them to a nearby subway station, they confront the Python as he is ordering the Torch to destroy New York's subway system. As Toro tackles his mentor, the Sub-Mariner chases down the Python and strangles him to death. With the Python defeated, the Torch now has nobody to order him around. When his flame causes a breach into the tunnel causing water from the East River to slowly flood in, the Sub-Mariner pushes the Torch up through the hole and orders Toro to plug up the tunnel. The Sub-Mariner then subdues the Torch until his flame is snuffed out. Nearly drowned, the Torch is in critical condition and Horton deduces that he needs to be placed in his machine one more time in order to save his life. Stealing a police emergency wagon, they race back to Horton's lab where they succeed in restoring the Torch back to life and normal. When the FBI arrives on the scene to arrest them, they are able to explain the events of the day and clear their names. With the Python vanquished, the Torch and Sub-Mariner put aside their differences and commend each other on the day's adventure.

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