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  • Helmet


  • Fireball X-S
  • Helicopter
  • Flying car
  • Fire truck

Synopsis for "Burn (Part 2)"

The Human Torch has called a press conference to the Oregon desert where he is to test out Mister Fantastic's new Fireball X-S vehicle and beat the ground speed record. When the press asks the purpose of this test, Johnny explains that it may lead to new innovations in transportation if the invention works. Johnny then leaves the rest of the questions to his assistant Jian Feeta. When one of the reporters asks a question about Johnny's romance life it causes him to take pause. He then tells the assembled press that he doesn't answer any tabloid level questions. As Johnny enters the Fireball, security ushers the press behind the safety line, telling them that broadcast cameras all over the testing range will be able to get images of the test. As the engine revs up, Sheila Donner of the Public Eye tabloid orders her colleagues to get ready. They fly a helicopter over the area to get exclusive recordings of the test. However, the vibrations from the Fireball destabilise the helicopter causing it to crash. Seeing the danger, Johnny ditches the test and flames on, pulling Sheila and her people to safety as the helicopter crash and the Fireball explodes. Getting them to safety, Johnny scolds Sheila for such a reckless act. When Donner suggests that had Johnny invited the Public Eye none of this would ever happen he defends himself. When their argument becomes heated in front of press cameras, Jian tells Johnny to allow the authorities to deal with the situation. Johnny ends his confrontation with Sheila by telling her that he doesn't burn anyone, ever.

Later as they are flying back to New York, Jian is going over the cost figures of the botched test and Johnny tells her there will not be a repeat test. When Jian asks why, Storm explains that he doesn't have the attention span to focus on one thing. When she points out how well he did that day, he tells her that he is only good at one thing: causing trouble. Jian changes the subject telling Johnny that they need to investigate the illegal use of Fantastitech in Hollywood special effects. Johnny tries to brush this responsibility off, but Jian manages to draw in his interest by identifying female actors who are interested in meeting with him. Johnny is in better spirits when he returns to the Baxter Building. There the receptionist tells Johnny he has a visitor and that it is very important.

Johnny goes into his sees a New York fire fighter in uniform. Happy to be of service to the FDNY, Johnny asks what he's needed for. That's when the man turns around and shows his burned face and Johnny instantly recognises the man as his old classmate Mike Snow, the man that Johnny accidentally burned during a fight during the days shortly after he became the Human Torch. After introducing Mike to Jian and then quickly ushers Mike into his office for a private meeting. Once in private, Mike tells Johnny that he wouldn't tell anyone the truth about his burns as per their arrangement. When Johnny asks what he tells people, Mike explains how it he tells people he was playing a prank that literally blew up in his face and the Torch saved his life. This statement makes Johnny feel guilty. As part of their deal, Johnny had promised to stop seeing Hannah. A promise Johnny kept by seeing someone else. Mike then tells Johnny that he never ended up dating her after because he was recovering from his injuries.

Johnny feels even more guilty than ever before because he ruined Mike's chance to to compete in the Olympics. Mike however doesn't dwell on the past and tells Johnny he shouldn't either. It's then that Jian enters the room again to tell her that various Hollywood directors are looking to meet him. Johnny tries to hide his expression. When Jian asks if Johnny was different in high school, Mike remarks that not a lot has changed. Johnny then ushers Jian out of the room so he can continue their conversation in private. Mike then gets to the point and tells Johnny he can't go to Hollywood. He explains that he needs Johnny's help solving a mystery involving the an unexplained fire. He explains how the other day while his girlfriend Rose was visiting him at the fire station, one of his colleagues -- Vinnie Costello -- suddenly burst into flame after telling an off putting joke about her. Mike goes on to explain that there were no open flames anywhere in sight and no probable reason for Vinnie to burst into flames, he just went up like a human torch....


Continuity Notes

  • Jian Feeta is Johnny's assistant who has been helping Johnny since he became Chief Financial Officer of Fantastic Four Inc. in Fantastic Four Vol 3 #62.

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