Quote1 You got a funny way of showing how to not hurt people, Storm! I never wanted to hurt anyone from the start! But you think the cops will believe that? Obviously you don't! Quote2
-- Rose Delany

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  • Fire truck

Synopsis for "Burn (Part 6)"

After spending days trying to discover who was using fire to murder members of Mike Snow's team of fire fighters, the Human Torch is shocked to learn that it was Mike's girlfriend Rose Delany all along. Rose explains that her powers -- which she is unsure of their origin -- suddenly appeared on day granting her the ability to not only generate flame, but be able to control it with her mind. She was shocked when she discovered the power she had when she first used her abiltiies to incinerate Vinnie Costello for his constant bully over her inability to join the fire department due to a heart condition. She confirmed her abilities when she thought about how great it would be if the drug dealer Brandon Crowe could be killed by the flame. She was about to confess when Johnny nabbed Firefox which kept her silent. Johnny then confessses that Firefox was a ruse and that the "villain" was really Sheila Donner in disguise. When Mike asks him why he was working with the tabloid writer, Johnny explains he had no choice as Shila had footage that connecte Rose to the crimes. Rose explains that when Donner questioned her about it over the phone her powers flared out of control momentarily. She then decided to disappear but not before saying goodbye to Mike and left him the address for the Empire Fire & Safety Supply warehouse.

Johnny puts everything together and how his incorrect assumption that Mike was really the killer led him to their location. When Johnny refers to Rose as the bad guy in this situation she asks what she did wrong. When he reminds her of the death of Vinnie Costello or the near death of Brandon Crowe, she says those were accidents. Still, the Torch tells her she can't just walk away from what happened. Johnny tells her that she has to own up to her responsibilities. Mike Snow then pipes in telling Johnny that it hasn't stopped him all these years. Suddenly Rose realises that Mike is talking about the burns on the side of his face, and that Johnny was responsible. She calls him out on his hypocracy, but Johnny points out that their powers are very dangerous and he has lived with the stress of keeping his powers in check every day of his life since he got his powers. When she scoffs at this, Johnny points out that she murdered someone and that's a world of difference. She flips out and reminds Johnny that he took Mike's chance at the Olympics away from him. Mike steps in and tells his girlfriend that losing the chance to follow his dreams didn't turn out to be bad, he did end up meeting her. Rose tells Mike to leave with her, but Mike says that he can't start over somwhere else because being a firefighter is all he knows and he will always be recognized by his face.

This entire discussion has been filmed by Shiela Donner who makes her presence known to the others. Not sooner than she does, Rose uses her powers to blow up the camera. Rose then begins lashing out and uses a cover of flame to try and escape. Johnny chases after her but she shows she has the ability to shut off his flame. With no other choice he tackles the woman to the ground. When Rose asks why he won't let her go, Johnny finally loses his temper shouts at her, explainnig that with powers like their own, they don't hurt people, ever. When Mike intervenes he tells Johnny that Donner went to call the cops. When Rose tells both men that she promises not to hurt anyone ever again, it's good enough Mike Snow, who punches out Johnny when he's not looking and tells Rose to run.

The couple try to make a getaway in Shiela's car, but the Torch soon follows after them. Rose tries to stop him and shuts off his powers while he is in mid air out of panic. Realising that she has sent him to his death she purposely crashes the truck. Johnny manages to flame back on and save his life at the last minute. Rose then runs back to the warehouse. Johnny follows her there where she admits that she can only hurt those around her, especially Mike since he was willing to give up his entire life to be with her, which would hurt him the most of all. Despite Johnny's protests, Rose tells Johnny to give her love to Mike and uses her powers to cause the building to explode. In the aftermath of the explosion, Johnny finds no trace of Rose's body, leaving both he and Mike to wonder if she truly perished in the blaze.

When Shiela Donner tries to question Mike about the story, Johnny tells her to lay off and promises to give her a realy Human Torch story if she drops the one about Rose. Before the cameras, Johnny tells the story about how he accidentally burned Mike so many years ago and kept it a secret for so long. Mike then talks about how he can't live in the past and moved on with his life. Later, Johnny pays a visit to Mike and sees that he is moving away. Without Rose to keep him in New York and with Johnny constant reminding him of the past, Mike has decided to take a job far away in Oregon. The two finally come to terms with their years long secret, with Mike admitting that the worst day of his life was when Johnny burned him but his best was the day after. Before he leaves, Johnny tells Mike that he will enjoy Portland, beacuse it's also known as the city of roses.

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