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  • Sugar crystal
  • Corn steak
  • Tiganj hitrina
  • Size-switch platform
  • Ambrosia

Synopsis for "A Plague of Locusts, Part Three: Long Live the King"

With Johnny Storm missing after investigating the Locust Project, his assistan Jian Feeta is uneasy that she hasn't heard anything from him yet and expresses it to her friend Hugo Novick. When she suggests that they do something, Hugo argues her position and eventually he gives into her demands to be taken to the people shrunk down in size by the Locust Project.

Meanwhile in the micro-city of the Locust Project, Ambrose is throwing a huge feast for Johnny, but since he is being held against his will he's not too into it. When he calls Ambrose on this, he laughs at this idea telling Johnny that he is free to go. Johnny then recounts how the Knights of the Locust prevented him from leaving earlier. Ambrose reiterates how it is supposed to rain and how at their present size such weather could be quite deadly. He assures Johnny that he will eventually be restored to normal size once he realises how wonderful this new exciting world will be. Johnny is tired of hearing the talking points and in expressing such he insults Ambrose who believes his plans are what the world needs to save itself from overpopulation and starvation. It's at this point that Ambrose's daughter Shyla suggests talking to Johnny further, an idea that Ambrose likes.

She shows Johnny around to meet people and feast upon the food that is about to try and convince him of the nobility of their cause. Johnny isn't sold because he is suspicious that nobody would speak badly of their condition in front of the people in charge. He is also disturbed when he realises that the meat he has been eating is spider. When Johnny has had enough he decides that he wants to get out and back to his normal size. Shyla, clearly plotting something, agrees to restore him back to his natural size. Johnny is given the directions to the size changing device. Sneaking his way there through a maintenance tunnel, Johnny drinks from the Ambrosia formula that will assist in his height restoration. However he is caught red handed by Ambrose but he is willing to let Johnny go. However the captain advises that this isn't wise and that their society must be kept secret. When Ambrose explains that Hugo Novak and Johnny's associate Jian Feeta also know the truth, the captain reveals that she had them captured and shrunk down to size as well. When Ambrose protests this and decides to replace the captain, and is killed. When Johnny tires to fight back he soon learns that it wasn't Ambrosia he drank but spider venom and is easily subdued just as Jian and Hugo are brought to the scene. The captain then tells the others that the Torch was responsible for killing their king and claims the throne for herself. When Johnny struggles to tell the captain that Shyla will put a stop to this, the captain reveals that she is Shyla herself.

Johnny blacks out and when he starts come around its he finds himself with Hugo and Jian in a massive web with spiders descending down upon them.

Solicit Synopsis

“A PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS” pt. 3 (of 4) The Torch makes horrific discoveries about the Locust Project.

Now a very unwilling "special guest" of this small group of fanatics, Johnny must either join them... or join those who have "died for the cause."


Continuity Notes

  • Hugo mentions the reign of communism, lawlessness and wars in his region. He is likely referring to living under the communist rule of Yugoslavia until the country the country collapsed in 1991 which led to the various Yugoslav Wars which carried on for a decade thereafter. Although these references are vague these events, particularly that they happened relatively recently, should be considered topical references per the Sliding Timescale. As of 2016 the modern age did not start until 2001 and continues to move forward in time.

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