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The Humanitron was intended to be the breakthrough invention of startup robotics company Humanitech, a household android with advanced and affordable artificial intelligence. Rather than creating an A.I., Humanitech captured the supervillain Quicksand and split her apart, using her particles of smart sand as the main component of the android's silicon matrix.

While taking part of a guided tour around Humanitech with members of the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker grew suspicious of the Humanitrons after noticing the readouts of the Humanitron's A.I. looked extremely similar to actual human brain patterns. When a reporter attempted to take a look under the case of a Humanitron, the android lunged at him. Parker tackled the robot, but heard what appeared to be a cry from help from it.

Later that day, Peter returned to Humanitech as Spider-Man and broke into the building with Mockingbird's help. While looking into the Humanitrons' A.I., the heroes were attacked by a horde of them. Spider-Man began cracking open the cases of the Humanitrons, and their matrices jumped out of the robots, bonding together and reforming into Quicksand. Spider-Man convinced Quicksand to spare Zynn's life at the moment, and she agreed in gratitude for being freed and escaped.[1]

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