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The Humanoids were an army of synthetic androids created by The Leader to fight the Hulk,[1] after the success of a first prototype.[2] They managed to capture the Hulk after several attempts.[3]

Humanoids were also utilized by Prodigy during Gamma Corps' encounter with the Hulk during World War Hulk.[4]


The machines' main special characteristic is that they are made up of a spongy plastic material. This material is flexible and extremely resistant to blunt force, which makes even the Hulk's punches almost useless against them. Usually deployed in large numbers and programmed to fight as a team, they can recover quickly no matter how hard they are hit, and relentlessly continue a fight until the opponent is tired and overwhelmed, unless they are defeated by other means.[5]

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Samuel Sterns (Earth-12041) and Humanoid (Leader) from Marvel's Avengers Assemble 001.png

The Humanoids were an army of synthetic androids created by the Leader to fight the Avengers.[6][7][8]


Humanoids from Marvel Adventures Hulk Vol 1 15 001.jpg

The Leader deployed his Humanoids as he attempted to take over the world by attacking the United Nations Headquarters, but his scheme was thwarted by the Hulk.[9]


The Humanoids were deployed by the Leader during a confrontation with the Hulk and the X-Men as he tried to capture the Hulk.[10]

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