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Humbug Suit: enhanced his suit to a full exosuit. He has so far demonstrated superhuman strength, speed, agility, senses, and the ability to communicate with any insectoid in the world and possibly beyond Earth. The helmet is similar to Ant-Man's Helmet; Mitty's weapons were amplified sounds of particular insects. He carried a collection of cassette tapes which held each sound and, when properly amplified through devices in his gloves, demonstrated various effects, including:

  • hypersonic pitch emitted as pure force, and whose direction of attack is virtually undetectable (Eye-spotted Bud Moth, Buffalo Tree-hopper, or Meadow Spittle-bug).
    • magnetic charge that imbues all metal objects in the area to repel each other (Imbricated Snout Beetle).
  • vibrating hum that induces all victims in an area to chortle uncontrollably (Oblique-banded Leaf Roller).
  • hypersonic pitch capable of piercing objects as an edged weapon (Wheat-stem Sawfly).
  • shrieking attack that shatters all glass in a line-of-sight area and shorts out all electronic equipment (Salt-marsh Mosquito).
  • delicate wheezing that melts electronic equipment in the same area (Saw-toothed Grain Beetle).
  • roar that can set small fires (Bloodsucking Cone Nose).
  • Other effects, equally impressive, are possible from such cassettes as the Cow-pea weevil, the Short-nosed Cattle Louse, and the Plaster bag-worm, although the bag-worm's effects are probably non-lethal.

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