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Hunab Ku was presumably manifested by the Demiurge along with other deities in response to early man's subconscious need for gods. Hunab Ku emerged from nothingness with an object called the Heart of Heaven, with which he created the lesser gods, such as his son, Itzamna, god of the sun. Hunab Ku eventually ceded the responsibility of interacting directly with mortals to Itzamna, but he still leads the Ahau from the Upperworld.[6]

Hyborian Age

His names were invoked by Kulan Gath as part of spells, as Hunab-Ku[2] and Hunaab.[3]


His identity was usurped by one of the Mayapan,[citation needed] descended from a Human mutated by Terrigen-contaminated water[7] and taking the names of the Mayan gods.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Hunab Ku possesses greater than average abilities of an Ahau.

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