The man known as Baxter was a horribly disfigured man who was down on his luck. By 1946 he had determined to make it rich through fear an intimidation by creating a special electrical unit that he used to electrocute his victims. In order to keep his trick a secret, he killed his victims by "wishing" them to death, starting first with his landlord when he was about to be evicted. After a series of other "wish" deaths, Baxter's story hit the newspapers attracting the attention of the authorities. However, the police could do nothing, as the cause of death of all his victims was deemed as natural causes. Soon the Human Torch and Toro took up the case and confronted Baxter directly at his apartment. This was just as Baxter was deciding to use his "wishes" to earn lots of money. During the ensuing fight, a kerosene lamp was knocked over prompting the Torch and Toro to control the blaze while Baxter escaped.

Baxter then relocated to Jersey City, where he began blackmailing wealthy men with his "death wish" and moving into a fancy apartment. Eventually, the Human Torch and Toro tracked him down and confronted him at his new home. There, Baxter used his "death wish" on the two heroes and fled to collect money from his next victim. However, the Torch realized how Baxter was killing his victims and he and Toro saved their lives by touching a grounding wire, negating the electrical charge. The Torch and Toro then tracked down Baxter to a nearby park where they ruined the electrical unit hidden in his hunch and then turned him over to the authorities.[1]

He was to face capital punishment via the electric chair for his murders, however his ultimate fate is unknown.


Baxter wore a specially made electrical unit, with the power generator hidden under his coat on his hunch back. With a specially insulated undergarment to protect him from his lethal electrical shocks, Baxter could kill his victims in a matter of moments with a powerful electrical jolt that caused their hearts to stop.

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