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The man who would later come to be known as the Hunchback of Notre Dame was born a mutant whose powers surfaced at a young age. The boy's particular mutation granted him superhuman strength and incredibly hardened skin, which could snap off a blade trying to pierce it. This hardened skin, however, also caused the boy's spine to grow misshapen and disfigured, giving the boy a large hump on his back. As a result, he was rejected by other children who regarded him as a freak and a monster. As he grew older, the man became embittered by humanity's fear and hatred of him and he vowed vengeance.

Years later he had secured a job for himself as a security guard aboard airplanes, but secretly plotted to take the plane hostage in order to further his goals. He brought a suitcase filled with explosives on a flight landing in Paris and demanded the pilot obey him at knife-point. He ordered a car and several other provisions before he was suddenly attacked by the Werewolf, as Jack Russell unexpectedly transformed into the beast on a rare occasion of there being a fourth full moon that month. The beast had run amok through the airport and found himself on the tarmak, almost destroyed by the landing plane. The Werewolf decided to kill the operator of the plane and thus attacked the Hunchback in the cockpit. Topaz followed behind, trying to allow Jack to regain control of the Werewolf's form, but was herself captured by the Hunchback after the beast had been knocked unconscious. He decided to use Topaz as his hostage instead and escaped to the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Unbeknownst to the Hunchback, the Werewolf followed his trail, wishing to free his companion from his clutches and the two renewed their battle in the bell tower of the Cathedral. When it looked as if the Werewolf was going to succeed in killing his foe, Topaz again intervened, linking the two men's consciousnesses so they could understand each other's curse. The strain, however, was too great for her and she fainted, causing the Werewolf's animal side to again take over and again they battled. The Werewolf quickly gained the upper hand and was about to throw the Hunchback from the top of the Cathedral when Topaz again regained consciousness and gave Jack control of the monster's body once more. As he realized what was happening, he dropped the Hunchback and grabbed his hand, hoping to save him. The mutant, however, was too heavy and slipped from Jack's grasp, plunging to his death on the ground below.[1]

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame possessed an incredibly hardened skin which could snap off the blade of a knife if used against him. He also possessed an undetermined amount of superhuman strength



The Hunchback carried a knife and explosives when trying to hijack a plane.

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