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Hungary is a country in Central Europe. Its capital city is Budapest.


In 1000 A.D., Hungary was founded. In 1241 A.D., the Mongol Empire invadaded and devastated large parts of Hungary.[citation needed] In 1456 A.D., the Ottoman Empire invaded Hungary. In 1526 A.D., Ottoman Empire defeat the Hungarian forces, establishing control over most of the country.[2] In 1699 A.D., Austrian Habsburgs under Leopold I expel the Ottoman Empire. In 1867 A.D., In 1876, Franz Joseph signed the Ausgleich and became the dual monarch of Austria and Hungary, founding the Austro-Hungarian Empire.[3]

20th Century

World War I

In 1914 A.D. "The Great War" began when Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the thrones of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, was killed by an assassin from Serbia. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Due to various treaties Germany allied with Austria-Hungary while Russia aided Serbia; in turn, France was pledged to defend Russia. The Britain attempted to remain outside the conflict, but when Germany invaded Belgium to flank France's border defences, the Britain joined the war to honor arrangements with Belgium. In 1918 A.D., the central powets was defeated, signs armistice. Austro-Hungarian Empire was broken up at the end of World War I. Hungarian republic is proclaimed following a revolution.[2]

World War II

Modern Age

Dr. Janos Trovaya, a Hungarian geneticist and entomologist, was killed in a suspicious laboratory explosion. His daughter Maria Pym later married Henry Pym, but on their honeymoon, she was kidnapped by Communist agents and supposedly killed, despite Pym's efforts to rescue her.[4] She was the mother of Nadia who was take to ne raised at the Red Room Academy.[5]

A woman claiming to be Maria Trovaya appeared years later as a Communist test subject;[6] however, she was quickly revealed to be a fake, and instead mutated further into the super-criminal M.O.D.A.M..[7]


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