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Hunger was a universal-scale parasite that lived outside of the known universe, within the great Cosmic Vortex. It fed on whole realities.[citation needed]

When the Infinity Gauntlet was first assembled, it brought Earth-616 to the attention of Hunger, who sought to devour it, as has supposedly happened with many other realities in the past. However, the nature of this reality required that someone within it created a hole for Hunger to gain entrance.[1]

Hunger manipulated the technology and thoughts of Galactus to convince him that the Infinity Gems could permanently end his need for the energy of living planets. Upon gathering the Gems from inside and outside the universe, Galactus assembled them in a crux that instead opened a gateway to the Vortex, allowing Hunger into Earth-616. The timely intervention of Thanos destroyed the gateway and scattered the Gems across the universe again, but left a very small portion of Hunger alive within his reality.[2]

A time-traveling Adam Warlock later used the original Soul Gem to secretly encourage Hunger to find a way to get his revenge on Thanos.[3] In the year 2127 of an alternate timeline, Hunger infected the inhabitants of planet Zelchia and in the year 4657 battled a near omnipotent Thanos. Despite having absorbed the entirety of the cosmic beings, Thanos was ultimately destroyed by Hunger. However, a time-traveling omnipotent Thanos took control of his past self and killed Hunger before it could infect the people of Zelchia in 2127, thus preventing his own defeat.[4]


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Hunger has the ability to devour virtually any form of energy or matter, and supposedly the fabric of reality itself. Energy blasts are harmless to it once it understands their composition, and the creature can absorb such things at will.[citation needed]

Hunger has the ability to perceive any and all events within a reality, as long as his attention is turned to it. This includes recognizing and conversing directly with the comic book reader by breaking the fourth wall.[5]

Hunger also can subtly alter reality from an extra-dimensional distance, allowing the alteration of computer calculations and even the logical thought processes of sentient beings. When present in a reality, Hunger can directly take control of technology.[citation needed]


  • In Defenders (Vol. 6) #5, the Defenders travel back to the Third Cosmos and help destroy the Anti-All, a primordial manifestation of nothingness. When the creature is shattered into seemingly one piece for every universe, Doctor Strange theorizes that when heroes fight against "the great Nothing" in their own times, they're fighting back the Anti-All as well. This could mean that a being like Hunger could have been born out of the Anti-All's fracture.

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