After failing to command the power of Aron the Rogue Watcher, [1] Doctor Doom sought to exploit the energies of another alien creature by drawing it to Earth using a space probe. [2] What he drew to Earth and his native Latveria was a creature who was later called the Hunger. Upon it's arrival it began travelling across the Latverian countryside, consuming the energies of the various soldiers, robots and civilians it crossed paths with. It eventually took possession of a soldier's body and used it as a physical form to attack Castle Doom. Inside it clashed with various Doombots until Doctor Doom came to steal the Hunger's energies. Although the Hunger destroyed the device, it was fought back by the Fantastic Four's Thing, who was Doom's prisoner at the time. The Thing then plunged exposed wires into the animated corpse causes enough energy feedback to create an explosion. [3]

This coincided with the arrival of the rest of the Fantastic Four who recovered both the Thing and Doctor Doom from the rubble while the Hunger got away. Back in the countryside, the Hunger had gathered enough energy to assume a physical form. The Fantastic Four and their allies Psi-Lord and Lyja tried to contain the creature while Mister Fantastic and Doctor Doom developed a means of teleporting the creature back out into deep space using Doom's Matter Transference Device. During the final attack, the Hunger was winning the battle having fought off all his opponents. Seeing that this could mean the demise of his people, Doom put on a battery pack containing the last of the energies stolen from Aron to battle the Hunger one-on-one. Doom drained the last of this power and was seriously injured in a retaliatory blast. Although this gave the Hunger pause long enough for Doom to activate the Matter Transference device and banish the Hunger to the deepest regions of space. [4]

The Hunger's subsequent fate is unknown.


In pure energy form, the Hunger can possess a living or artificial body and move it to its command until it eventually drains its energy source away. When it assumed a physical form the Hunger could fly as well as fire destructive beams of force from its eyes and hands.

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