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In light of Wolverine's death, Wolverine's friends have found out what had happened to him and cope with this outcome. While Mister Fantastic voiced his regret about not being able to help Wolverine reactivate his healing factor, Forge has built a log cabin that will house Wolverine's Adamantium-covered body. Though Kitty Pryde decided to phase Wolverine's body out of the Adamantium so that he can have a proper funeral. The Adamantium shell is left hidden beneath the cabin as a memorial for Wolverine. In the present following a fight with the Reavers, Kitty Pryde has found out that Wolverine's body is not in his unmarked grave. In order to find where Wolverine's body is, Kitty Pryde rallies the X-Men and the rest of Wolverine's associates.[1]



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