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An variant of an unknown person taken from the the "Sacred Timeline" by the Time Variance Authority was robbed of her memories and absorbed into the ranks of the TVA, becoming Hunter B-15.[1]


Hunter B-15 led the team of Minutemen that arrested Loki in 2012 after he ecaped the Battle of New York with a Tesseract.[2] She was later teamed up with this Loki, Variant 1130, ater Agent Mobius recruited him to help track down another Loki Variant who kept ambushing patrols of Minutemen. After an unsuccessful visit to a 1985 branch, they located the figutive Variant hiding in a 2050 Roxxcart Mall disaster. Mobius, L1130 and Hunter B-15 with a group of Minutemen went there in search of the fugitive Variant, Sylvie Laufeydottir. Hunter B-15 was possessed by Sylvie,[3] who used her enchanting powers to unlocks parts of her suppressed memories. Both Loki Variants escaped, while B-15 returned to TVA, troubled by the experience.[1]

Loki Variants were eventually apprehended and B-15 went into Sylvie's holding room, demanding to know what was done to her. Sylvie offered to show her and B-15 took her back to Roxxcart in 2050 where the TVA could not observe them. Sylvie then unlocked parts of B-15's memory, who remarked that she looked happy in them. This turned B-15 against the TVA and when the two Loki Variants were brought before the Time-Keepers to be pruned, B-15 intervened and unlocked their collars, giving the Lokis their weapons back. This enabled Sylvie to decapitate one of the Time-Keepers, revealing them as android animatronics. L1130 Loki was pruned[1] while B-15 was locked down in a cell for her actions. She was later visited there by Judge Renslayer and wondered why she kept the business as usual when the entire purpose behind the TVA was revealed to be fake.[4]

B-15 was eventually freed from her cell by Mobius, who was likewise made aware of their Variant nature. Seeking to free the others, she led a fellow Hunter D-90 to Fremont, Ohio in 2018 to prove that even Judge Renslayer herself was but a Variant of School Vice Principal Rebecca Tourminet. Meanwhile, the actions of the Loki Variants caused the entire Sacred Timeline to branch into a full Multiverse which B-15 and Mobius calmly observed from inside the TVA office.[5]



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