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An variant of an unknown person taken from the the "Sacred Timeline" by the Time Variance Authority was robbed of her memories and absorbed into the ranks of the TVA, becoming Hunter C-20.[1]


Hunter C-20 led a group of Minutemen to Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1985 in search of a fugitive Variant of Loki. However, they fell into a trap and C-20 was enchanted by the Variant, causing her to attack her fellow Minutemen. After all Minutemen were dead, C-20 passed out and the Variant took her captive through a time door to the Roxxcart Mall disaster in 2050.[2]

The Variant, Sylvie, used her enchantment powers to put C-20 into a suppressed memory of her past on Earth, where she posed as her friend in order to get C-20 to divulge information about the Time-Keepers.[3] Sylvie was eventually successful and let C-20 to be found by her fellow TVA agents, sill babbling about how it all felt real.[2]

C-20 was taken back inside the TVA headquarters and interrogated in the presence of Judge Renslayer. She kept insisting that her past life on Earth was real and that, just like everyone else in the TVA, she was a Variant. To cover it up, Renslayer later claimed that C-20 had expired from the degradation of her mental faculties.[1]



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