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This interceptor warhead was a specialized surface-to-air missile utilized by the American military, and was a favorite weapon of General “Thunderbolt” Ross’s during his early days at Los Diablos Missile Base.


During the first official gathering of the Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm’s flying presence over Central City provoked a response by the National Guard. After Johnny’s flames accidentally caused some fighter jets damage, a hunter missile was launched at him. Fortunately, Mr. Fantastic stretched out and caught the speeding rocket before it could strike Johnny, then tossed it out in the sea without it detonating.[1]

Hunter missiles were fired by the U.S. military when a mysterious rocket was launched from the Soviet Union. This rocket was secretly carrying The Gargoyle, who ejected himself from the rocket and safely parachuted before the missiles reached their target.[2]

General Ross had a barrage of hunter missiles launched when Gamma Base’s radar picked up an unidentified flying object. These struck and brought down a scout ship of the Toad Men, although it would take Bruce Banner and his Gamma Ray Projector to end the Toad Men’s invasion of Earth.[3] Ross again resorted to firing a barrage of hunters when the Metal Master threatened Los Diablos. Having already used his powers to dissolve tanks and a test rocket, the Metal Master easily deflected Ross’s missiles while also using a piece of metal plating as a hover-board.[4]

Bruce Banner himself resorted to hunter missiles, having designed and built a new kind of hunter missile, when The Leader attempted to start World War III. With Betty Ross’s help, Banner launched his test model just in time to destroy a nuclear warhead programmed by the Leader, narrowly intercepting it.[5]

Sometime later, a new design by Stark International of hunter missiles – made to look more like streamlined bazooka shells – were being tested at one of Stark’s facilities against the capabilities of Iron Man’s armor, when The Beast interloped, forcing Iron Man to cancel the test so as to not harm the mutant adventurer.[6].

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