The Hunter in Darkness was the subject of legends among the Blackfoot tribe.[2]

Years ago, the creature had been caught in a steel bear trap. Wolverine, in a feral state after escaping the Weapon X program, freed the Hunter. Years later, the Hunter in Darkness encountered him again. The hero was searching the Canadian wilderness for an escaped fugitive, Athabasca Ike. The Hunter attacked and fought Wolverine, until Ike shot it. The creature recovered, killed Ike, and then escaped.[2]

Some time later, the Hunter in Darkness was captured by casino owner Ronald Parvenue. It was put on display in a cage suspended from Parvenue's helicopter over Times Square. Suddenly, The Hunter was shot by an unknown assailant. Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Lady Deathstrike converged on the cage as the helicopter attempted to flee. In the confusion, the cage broke and released the Hunter in Darkness.[3]

Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike continued their attack on Wolverine. The Hunter remembered that Wolverine had freed it years ago, and defended him from the villains. The fight was interrupted by the assailant, revealing herself as Emmy Doolin. She sought revenge for her father's obsession with the creature. However, the Hunter in Darkness escaped into the sewers.[4]

The Hunter encountered Albert and Elsie-Dee in the Morlock Alley, and joined them on their stealth bomber.[5] It led them to a Blackfoot burial ground in Canada. The Hunter and Albert dug into a burial mound, and found a skeleton with adamantium claws.[6] Albert ran a facial reconstruction program on the skull. They discovered the skeleton belonged to Wolverine, however the remains were over 200-years-old. Spiral sent The Hunter in Darkness, Albert, and Elsie-Dee through a time vortex into the past to learn more.[7]

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