A sample of seemingly miraculous Eternal technology, the Wings are a pair of devices made to look like wings made of silver. They can be affixed magnetically to an object, preferably some mode of transportation, which can then be moved at astonishing speed and defy gravity. They apparently respond to mental command.[1]

Makkari used a set of wings during his brief time as the super-hero Mercury/Hurricane, once attaching them to the sides of a taxi cab to not only circumvent urban traffic but to get him to his destination -- a gangster’s hideout – reportedly within seconds. He later attached them to the seat of said gangster’s pants and had him fly across down, delivering him to police headquarters before teleporting away.[1]


Originally, the Hurricane's Wings were an actual mystical item, presumably akin to the Talaria worn by Mercury as Hurricane was an envoy of the gods. As this character has since been retconned as Makkari, the Wings can be presumed to now also be a technological device disguised as a mystic object as well.

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