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Hurt John was recruited by Zeitgeist to join his new group the X-Cellent. He was sent with the others to the residence of Micky Holloran in order to find Katie Sawyer who was Holloran's girlfriend. Not knowing where she was, John told him that his companion Uno would liquefy his skeleton if he did not arrange a meeting with her tomorrow.

Hurt John and X-Cellent attacked once again by blowing a hole through Micky's wall. As they approached Katie, Dead Girl appeared and tried to motivate Katie to teleport Micky and herself out of there to seek medical attention. But her words went unheard as John used his ability to draw the pain out of Dead Girl with tactile touch. Making her relive the torture gave the group enough time to make off with Katie.

Back at their Death Valley headquarters, John stoodby as Zeitgeist tried to convince Katie to join them as they were in need of a teleporter who could reassemble the body of Venus Dee Milo. Refusing to aid them, Katie was tortured by Cluney until Dead Girl appeared to intervene. John said he will take care of Dead Girl like he did before, but he was knocked off balance by an explosion caused X-Statix who arrived to thwart their plans.

John battled against The A until a full on assault by Uno's optic blast gave the X-Cellent the upper hand in the fight. Katie ended up getting free and used her teleportation to get X-Statix out of there before John and the others could finish them off for good.[1]

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