Hyboria was a world-continent that existed during the Hyborian Age.[6] The northwestern part of the landmass was known was the Hyborian Lands,[7] which was populated by the Hyborians (or earlier the Hybori), and included the Hyborian Kingdoms.[8] South of the Hyborian Lands were the Southern Kingdoms,[9] and even further south, the Black Kingdoms.[6] At the center of the continent lay the Vilayet Sea, and to the east Hyrkania, Iranistan, Kosala, Ghulistan, Vendhya, Uttara Kuru, Khitai, and Kambuja.[10]


History of location is unknown.

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  • The continent is named after the Hyborians, the ancestral tribal group which founded several of its kingdoms. In the essay The Hyborian Age (1936), Robert E. Howard gave a detailed history of the setting. According to Howard, the Hyborians named themselves after their patron god, Bori.[citation needed]

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