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Prelude to the Hyborian Age

A millennium after the Great Cataclysm, the descendants of the Lemurian refugees who had been enslaved by the East Folk overthrew their overlords. They drove them southwest, where they slew and drove out in turn the Serpent Men. The exiled descendants of the East Folk established new kingdoms on the western side of the continent, the empires of Acheron and Stygia. Back in their former dominion, the Lemurian descendants built an empire on the civilization of the East Folk, the empire of Khitai and may have established the empire of Vendhya. The descendants of Thurian refugees who had devolved into barbarism were now called Hybori and by 16,000 BC had established their first kingdom, Hyperborea.[9]

Hyborian Age

Over time the Hybori moved southward and established other kingdoms. By 13,000 BC the Hybori had conquered Acheron. Within another five hundred years, the Hyborian kingdoms dominated the western part of the super continent. Toward the north, the savage Picts and the descendants of the Atlanteans, the barbarian Cimmerians dominated. Five hundred years later, Aquilonia was the mightiest kingdom in Hyboria. The north was dominated by the barbaric Aesir and Vanir. In the steppe, the Hyrkanians (descendants of the Lemurians) migrated westward and established the mighty empire of Turan, along the Vilayet Sea. On the eastern side of the super continent was the empire of Khitai, the largest dominion of them all. The masters of the vast steppe between Khitai and Turan were the Hyrkanians, nomadic horse archers.

At the twilight of the era, the Aquilonians overextended their empire. Cimmerians and Picts overwhelmed its frontiers, and the disgruntled soldiers of annexed peoples revolted. Fire and sword brought down the empire. It's former rivals and territories were conquered by northern invaders (Vanir, Aesir, and Cimmerians) and the hordes of the Hyrkanians. Turan and Hyrkania later collapsed, and the Vanir took over Stygia. Fifteen hundred years later, in 9500 BC, another cataclysm toppled the existing civilizations and formed the current Earth.[9]



The Hyborian Age dominated Earth from 14,000 to 9500 BC.[9] It is sometimes simply eight thousands years after the Great Cataclysm,[10] or three thousand years after the Fall of Acheron,[11] circa 10,000, during the Age of Conan.

Others considers the Hyborian Age as starting circa 16,000 BC,[12] or with the Fall of Acheron[13] which marked the end of the Age of Acheron,[14] circa 13,000 BC.

The Age of Conan was set around 10,000 BC.[15][16][17] (12 thousand years)[18][19][20][1]

Other sources mentions the Hyborian Age as ending in approximately 8000 BC.[21]


15.000 year old mutants in a mass grave

Neyaphem and Cheyarafim (13,000 BC)

A mutant civilization carbon-dated to be 15,000 years old existed in modern-day Isla des Demonas[22]. That civilization, built by the demon-looking mutants known as Neyaphem and led by Azazel who called himself Satan, enslaved humanity. That civilization eventually ended when the Neyaphem were repelled to another dimension by the "Angels", the Cheyarafim, another early group of mutants.[23]

Inhuman development (11,000 BC)

13.000 years ago,[24][25] Randac was King of the Inhumans.[26] Randac found the Terrigen Mists. Subjecting himself to immersion in the Terrigen Mist and gained godlike powers.[27] through the activation of the latent mutant genes carried by all Inhumans.[28] A Kree Sentry examined Randac, and judged that the Kree's goals were reached.[29] The Terrigenesis concept provoked a schism in the Inhumans[27][30] Many groups of Inhumans departed Attilan at various dates (names and dates are known to Attilan's Inhumans, but without much consideration from them),[31] many Inhuman tribes left Attilan to create their own cities, or blend among humans.[27] A few of those "Lost Tribes" even departed to space. Fewer of those tribes returned to Earth later.[32]

Neolithic revolution (9,000 BC)

The neolithic revolution, and the and domestication of animals by humans, was stated to date back to 9000 BC.[22]

Norway was believed to have been settled more than 10,000 years ago, as the last Ice Age came to an end.[33]

After the Hyborian Age

Post-Hyborian Cataclysm (8,000 BC)

For the full presentation of this event, please consult the Post-Hyborian Cataclysm page.

The Hyborian Age came to an end circa 8000 BC.[21][12][34]

New gods worship

The Olympian gods sought worshipers. While Neptune became the patron god of the Atlanteans (Homo mermanus), Zeus lay Mount Olympus near the Eternals' city of Olympia, thereby deciding that the Olympians would be worshiped by the people of the land now known as Greece.[35]

Meanwhile, the Ennead Seth usurped the worship of Set, gaining a large following in pre-Egyptian civilization.[34]

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