The Hydra-Bot is an enormous tentacled vehicle with a skull-shaped head. It has multiple guns, and one extremely large one that deploys from the top of the head. It was also equipped with Hydra Dreadnoughts for back-up.[1]

It was seen in other situations like when Hydra sent one Hydra-Bot to bring an elite strike force to attack the UN HQ and deployed numerous of them to battle A.I.M. forces, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers.

Alternate Realities

Marvel Universe (Earth-616)

Hydra-Bot from 2020 Rescue Vol 1 2 002.jpg

In this reality, the Hydra-Bot was created by Hydra roboticist Dr. M. He unveiled it during a meeting at the Hydra base Omicron. However, due to the ongoing robot revolution, the Hydra-Bot was quick to turn against its masters, cuting off Dr. M's arm and wrecking havoc on the base. The Hydra-Bot was stopped by Rescue, who had infiltrated the base on a mission of her own, once she made it acknowledge the superiority of her technology. Since Hydra-Bot had determined lesser being had to be eliminated, it regarded itself as a lesser being and self-destructed.[2]

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