Quote1 RIPPLES is the only word to describe what this thing does. It changes, everything about it changes. This isn’t just any old Super-Skrull...this one’s something special. Quote2
-- Ms. Marvel src

While wandering through the Raft, Ms. Marvel discovered Hydra Prime beating Tiger Shark. She began to fight him, but he quickly gains the upper hand due to the massive arsenal of superpowers at his disposal. After a long fight, the two end up in New York City, where Hydra Prime discovers others of his species and begins murdering them without mercy. Ms. Marvel used this opening to attack him, causing him to collapse. Hydra Prime's present whereabouts are unknown. [1]


Being an incredibly adaptive Skrull, it would seem to have possibly any power, though it only ever displayed cryokinesis, a healing factor, flight, claws, optic blasts, fire breath, and super strength. Being a Skrull, it is also capable of shapeshifting and other Skrull abilities.


Hydra Prime could very easily be overloaded by his own powers.

  • Hydra Prime's uniform changed depending on the powers he was using at any given time.

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