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The Hydra Queen was created by Codename: Bravo after taking control of the Land of Nowhere, where he had become trapped once its controller, Jimmy Jupiter, was put in a comatose state during WWII.

After escaping with Bravo when Jimmy woke up, Hydra Queen assisted Bravo in trapping Captain America in Nowhere by using the now-catatonic Jimmy. She subsequently fled from this dimension when Agent 13, Nick Fury and Falcon rescued Captain America with the help of Jimmy's last act of will before passing away.

Along with Baron Zemo, she founded a new Hydra, under the concept that the "old" Hydra failed at their commitment.

After her plans were thwarted by Captain America and his allies, Hydra Queen was held at an undisclosed location seemingly in a coma. A doctor attending her kneeled before the Queen, saying that he would do as she said, as long as she woke up.[1]


Apparently, Hydra Queen possesses no super-human abilities.


Her greatest strength is her ability to make deals, both in and out of Hydra. She has a great charisma and easily makes people follow her. She also cares for the simple Hydra scientists and soldiers, and doesn't want to leave people behind.


Normal guns and Hydra energy guns.

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