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During WWII, American soldiers led by Codename: Bravo, and a selection of Hydra agents, were trapped in the Land of Nowhere when its controller, Jimmy Jupiter, was put in a comatose state.[1] There were presumably only men trapped there, but the woman who emerged from Nowhere claimed she found out who she was while within.[2]

Once the two sides came to a détente, decades passed for the ageless residents where they worked wonders and achieved unimaginable heights for those trapped in mundane reality.[3]

Jimmy woke up decades later and the residents were ejected. Given S.H.I.E.L.D.'s recent collapse, this information didn't reach the authorities in due time.[4] The Queen and her people spent almost half a year gathering resources before making their move.[1]

When Captain America, Dum Dum Dugan, Sharon Carter, and Nick Fury went to see Jimmy, The Queen's Hydra cell was able to track and abduct the now-catatonic Jimmy.[4] The Queen and Jimmy relocated to an undisclosed location in a factory building they'd seized from A.I.M.[1] The Queen started reaching out to the Hydra that was present in the 'real'. To gain time, she used a reactivated Ameridroid that pulled Rogers into Nowhere where they attempted to break his spirit.[5]

The Queen and her branch of Hydra planned for Jimmy to bring Nowhere into reality, anchored to the internet, to spread it around the world and let everyone have their own reality.[2] When Agent 13, Nick Fury, and Falcon arrived at the data hub in an attempt to rescue Captain America, the Queen threatened to shoot Jimmy and trap Rogers in Nowhere forever. She was not bluffing, but Rogers was freed by Jimmy's last act of will before passing away.[6] Her husband was also captured but she wasn't worried for him.

Allied with Baron Zemo, she committed her Hydra to building a new future, knowing they would succeed because Hydra was "Right" and everyone who opposed them was "Wrong".[6] The Queen quickly gained many adherents, drawing resources and manpower away from people like Madame Viper and the Gorgon.[7]

The next stage of their plan called for the abduction and brainwashing of Henry Gyrich to serve as the handler to the similarly affected Dennis Dunphy (the former D-Man), who was made to be the new Scourge, in order to kill super-criminals and "fix the system."[8] This provided a distraction for their larger plans.

She had Reed Braxton murdered and replaced by LMDs.[9] This, coupled with the previous uses of Madbomb tech for mental influencing and the Discordians, technologically enhanced operatives who died quickly after they were deployed. She almost brought America to its knees.

An assault on the floating island of Hydra brought an end to her campaign. Confronted by Rogers, who verbally lambasted the supposedly patriotic plan spearheaded by her husband to wake up the nation. She drew her gun and opened fire on him. The shots ricocheted off of Cap's shield, killing Richard. She was knocked into a bank of monitors where she was electrocuted. The Queen was held at an undisclosed location seemingly in a coma. A doctor attending her kneeled before the Queen, saying that he would do as she said, as long as she woke up.[10]



Apparently, Hydra Queen possesses no super-human abilities.


  • Leadership: Her greatest strength is her ability to make deals, both in and out of Hydra. She has a great charisma and easily makes people follow her,[11][6] helped by a firm grasp of people's psychology.[12] She also cares for the simple Hydra scientists and soldiers, and doesn't want to leave people behind.[1]



Normal guns and Hydra energy guns.


Teleportation tech, formerly Hydra Flying Island

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