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Hydra Youth Choir

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48 members, including Amadeus Cho (undercover), and potentially Ryan Nelson, Gretchen



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The Hydra Youth Choir was established after Hydra's conquest of the United States with the purpose to foster camaraderie, provide a sense of belonging and sway allegiances among the youngest members of the new society.

As part of her plan to take down Hydra's leader Captain America, Black Widow had two of the Champions, Amadeus Cho and Nadia Pym, infiltrate the three-day audition process with the goal to join the Youth Choir, which would give them the opportunity to perform at a ceremony in the Capitol Building in front of Captain America himself.

One night when Amadeus and Nadia rendezvoused with Spider-Man in secret, two Hydra guards noticed them. With their mission at stake, Amadeus managed to keep his cover by calling out for help, though it cost Nadia hers. Amadeus eventually made it to the Choir, having also gained a reputation by allegedly having confronted the Champions.[1]

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