Early Life

Hyllus was the son of Hercules and Deianira.[1] Hyllus married Iole.[2] He was a great warrior like his father.[1]

Alongside the armies of Thebes and Athens, Hyllus joined his half-brothers and their supporters in ousting King Eurystheus from the throne of Mycenae and excising a form of vengeance over much of the Peloponessus for lands promising their father. He dragged him to Alcmena Hercules' mother. He tried to explain to her he was doing Hera's will, but Alcmena pierced his eyes and Hyllus beheaded him.[1]


Hyluss is an exception fighter and swordsman.[1]


He is known for using his sword

Hyllus at the Appendix to the Marvel Universe

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