The Hyperion of Earth-9997 shares the same history of his Earth-616 counterpart with some minor differences.

The Grandmaster of Earth-9997 would travel to Earth-1121 and engage in a contest of champions much like his Earth-616 counterpart would do on Earth-712. Inspired by the Squadron Supreme of that world, the Grandmaster would create his own Hyperion, finding that Earth-1121's version of Hyperion was so inspirational. It has also been suggested that this Hyperion may also have been intended to be a pawn of the Elders of the Universe bid to reunify the Multiverse and recreate the universe that they once lived in before it was destroyed by the Celestials. [1]

In the Realm of the Dead, Hyperion-9997 would be reunited with Power Princess and the two would resume their romance. However, they would be among the super-beings brought into Paradise by Mar-Vell and given their most ideal paradises to live in. When these proved to be less than ideal, Hyperion-9997 would be freed from his paradise by Captain America and be reunited with his beloved Power Princess. He would join the other super-beings in Paradise in fighting off an invasion by the Kree. [2][3]

Ultimately, Hyperion-1121 would end up in Paradise, dying in an attempt to pierce Mar-Vell's artificial black sun which can consumed an exploring Reed Richards, giving the gathered super-beings the edge they needed in fighting off the Kree. Seeing that his beloved Zarda had renewed her romance with his doppelganger, Hyperion was devastated. She would tell him that Hyperion-9997 is not a spy for the Elders, and that their love is true. The fate of both Hyperion's and Power Princess remain unrecorded. [4]


Seemingly those of Hyperion of Earth-616.

  • Hyperion was created as a pastiche of DC Comics' Superman.

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