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Hypernova was a failed subguardian recruit of the Hussar class, believed to have failed due to her inability to control the lethality of her powers. She joined the Death Commandos as a result since there were no restrictions on what she could do.[1]

On their first assignment, she and the other Death Commandos went to Earth where they were tasked with wiping out the Grey Genome. They managed to wipe out almost all the relatives of Jean Grey but failed to kill Rachel Summers before being defeated.[2] Following this, the Shi'ar Empire broke out into a civil war and the Death Commandos remained loyal to Araki.

The Death Commandos were next tasked by Oracle with killing Deathbird and anyone with her. They boarded Deathbird's escort shuttle and along with Flaw and Offset ran into Magik. She asked them if they were human, and when they said no, she let go of her powers and killed all of them. Meanwhile, Black Cloak watched as all their pulses flatlined.[1]

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She can project energy discharges from her hands, that can disintegrate and kills their enemies instantly.

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