Jonathan Richards (Earth-967)

Jonathan Reed Richards is the son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers and grandson of Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Reed Richards and Susan Storm. A powerful mutant, he is born in a variant of the Days of Future Past, and has dedicated his life to unite the world in peace, at the cost of repeating the horrors he witnessed during his childhood.

He has two alternates, David Richards and Dream Richards, both born in other variant of the Days of Future Past.

Rico is the grandson of Reed Richards and Susan Storm (it is unrevealed if is the son of Franklin or Valeria) in a future where the humans and mutants finally united.

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Alternate Reality Versions


Alternate Reality Versions




Hyperstorm Related

Rico (Earth-41001) from GeNext United Vol 1 1 0001
(Grandson of Reed and Susan Richards, possible alternate)

X-Men: The End


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