This device took up to four subjects to condition. The subjects laid in four rectangular tables radiating from a central metal column, with the head to it. A helmet was placed on the subject's head. The persuader then instilled one single, spoken statement on each person, through repetition - albeit the statement can be different for each of the simultaneous subjects.[1][2] The system had limitations: It affected only organic beings, only with one single statement at a time, and the subject may overcome the conditioning if under stress, particularly if the statement was false (e.g., convincing a superhero that he had lost his powers; should that hero be in a situation where he would use the powers, he'd have a chance to fight the conditioning).[1] The machine's settings allowed for using different amounts of electrical resistance; a greater amount, such as 10,000 Mega-Ohms, was more effective to persuade obstinate subjects, but it could also be lethal for them. Doom could also switch off the subject's conditioning at any moment, but apparently he could not switch it on again afterward.[3]

Doom kept one hypno-persuader in the higher laboratories of his Latverian Castle Doom[2] and he used it once to prevent the Fantastic Four from using their powers[1] but they overcame the effect during a battle soon afterward.[4]

Later, Doom sent used the Hypno-Persuader on Mr. Fantastic, ex-leader of the Fantastic Four who had recently disbanded the team after losing his powers.[3] Mr. Fantastic was unknowingly working form Doom as a researcher,[5] and Doom took this chance to condition him in the Hypno-Persuader, making him believe that he hated his former partners because they retained their powers while he had lost his. Doom's minions Gert Hauptmann and Victor II operated the machine, finding that Mr. Fantastic was very strong-willed, and they resorted to high intensity charges to succeed. Then, they disguised Mr. Fantastic as the villain Invincible Man and sent him to harass the Fantastic Four, using Doom's technology as support. Only when Mr. Fantastic had captured his teammates and Victor II had secured them with Electronic Shackles did Victor II revealed them that Mr. Fantastic had defeated them all. He then released Mr. Fantastic from his control.


The book Machines of Doom theorized that an improved hypno-persuader may have been used to reprogram the Fantastic Four for their Liddleville adventure as seen in Fantastic Four #236.

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