The Mandarin led a group of villains, consisting of Dreadknight, Hypnotia, Blizzard, Blacklash, Grey Gargoyle, Whirlwind, M.O.D.O.K. and Justin Hammer against Iron Man and his team, based on Force Works.[1]


Hypnosis: Hypnotia possesses the superhuman power to induce very potent hypnotic powers to her subjects, almost completely controlling them. Her power in the form of concentric rings, that emanate from her mind, eyes, fingers, etc. The limits to her powers are currently unknown.


Delay action hypnotism - one of her known abilities, where she can produce her hypnotic power through a recording, and expose it to a subject the next time that recording is played. All other abilities unknown.

Strength level

She seems to have the normal human strength of a female her size and build.

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