Preparing Ragnarök

Hyrm was a Giant,[2][1] as well as the pilot of the death ship Naglfar, made of the nails of the dead.[3]

He was among the foes of Asgard who assailed the Realm, seeking the weaknesses they could exploit at the time of the Ragnarök.[2]


When Ragnarök finally came, Hymer came in league with Loki, the Fenris Wolf (Earth-616) and also Ulik (whom he kept in leash), all equipped with hammers.[3]

They attacked Ymir-Krul during the funeral of Eitri, as Surtur was striking the Mold of Mjolnir, causing the Sacred Mountain to broke and Ymir-Krul to crack. The blow and the ensuing battle cost the Enchantress' and many others' lives, and Sif's arm.[3]

Trying to end Thor and prevent him from striking Loki's son Fenris, Hyrm stroke Mjolnir at once along with his allies, causing the destruction of Ymir-Krul and extreme damages to Thor's hammer.[3]

The quartet then attacked Asgard, slaughtering its inhabitants and the Einherjar. There, they encountered Thor and his fellow Avengers Iron Man and Captain America, and Iron Man killed Hymer while the others retreated.[1]


Helmet,[3] leash to hold Ulik[3]


Gargantuan hammer[2][3]

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