The Hyssta are an ancient spacefaring race of colossal serpentine beings, who have been around for over 65 million years.[1] In some realities according to Kelly Kooliq, the Hyssta have conquered the human race.[1]


Eons ago, the Hyssta visited Earth, when the dinosaurs still ruled over the land. At the dawn of the 21st century, a Hyssta arrived on Earth via a starship and began to rampage down the streets of Los Angeles. Who was intercepted by Captain Marvel. During their fight he learned that the Hyssta, claimed to be Captain Marvel, just as his father. Which was disputed by Captain Marvel and the fight continued, until the Hyssta fell into the La Brea tar pits, and died. In another location, another Hyssta learned of his death and swore vengeance.[1]

Kelly Kooliq who was a living nexus of realities with the power to manipulate realities, was being fought over by the Super-Skrull and Captain Marvel, Silver Surfer, and Moondragon.[2] Kelly who had the power to syphon what already existed somewhere else, but not create something out of nothing, brought a Hyssta through Moondragon to fight Captain Marvel and the others.[3] Who turned out to be the Hyssta who had sworn revenge. She then brought a Hyssta invasion force (starships and armored troops) to battle Captain Marvel, Silver Surfer, and Moondragon.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman strength and superhuman durability (shrugging off Captain Marvel's blasts). Powerful olfactory senses. Can spit a stream of acidic venom that destroyed or melted buildings and burnt holes in concrete.[1]


Level of Technology: Interstellar starships, directed energy weapons (e.g. pulse guns)[4]
Representatives: Captain Marvel

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