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I.T. was a company that was founded by Arkon ruler of the planet Polemachus. A world that did not have a sun, but was powered by rings of energy around the planet that required regular replenishing. Learning that by destroying three worlds in different dimensions and funneling them through a dimensional nexus would provide power to the rings around his world for centuries. In order to do so, Arkon plotted a means to set all three worlds against each other. To this end, he hired Albert DeVoor a failing businessman to run a series of companies in each dimension called I.T.. On Earth-616 I.T. was called Inter-Locking Technologies Unlimited, and purchased the rights to Fantastic Four Inc., owned by the Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic of the world famous Fantastic Four, and they purchased the rights to Richard's time travel technology. On Earth-712 they were known as Inter-Related Technocracies, and they bought Reed Richards Robotics Inc, owned by that reality's Reed Richards, who was the rocky skinned Thing of that reality. In the Fifth Dimension the organization was called Inter-Politan Thermo-Dynamics, and they purchased the cryonic technologies of Phineas, the Fifth Dimension's greatest scientist. Hoping to make any attempts to stop his plan hopeless, Arkon recovered Earth-721's Johnny Storm, who was left for dead in the jungles of Southeast Asia during a political conflict. Reforming Storm into a hockey inspired warrior known as Gaard, Arkon placed the young man at the gate to the Nexus, and developed a device that prevented more than one person from travelling to the Nexus. Arkon then began using the technologies from one world to attack another, in the hopes all three would deploy nuclear weapons against one another and wipe each other out.[1]

When the Reed Richards of Earth-721 discovered the truth, he attempted to travel to Earth-616 and warn the Fantastic Four, but was captured by Arkon. His presence was discovered by the Fantastic Four's Thing who ended up going to Earth-721 to try and discover what was going on.[2] While the Thing investigated, the Fifth Dimension was attacked by robots from Earth-721, while Earth-721 was subject to temporal upheavals, and Earth-616 was threatened with another ice age. Pretty soon the governments of each world realized that the attacks were coming from other dimensions and threatened each other with nuclear annihilation.[3] Both Thing-616 saved Thing-721 from Arkon and the pair managed to get the armies of each reality to stand down after they had Mister Fantastic capture DeVoor and explain the entire plot. Not only did they have to stop hostilities, but shut down the nexus in order to prevent Arkon from trying other means of destroying their worlds. Ben was sent into the dimensional realm toward the Nexus and had to face off against Gaard alone.[1] While Thing-721 and the Human Torch stopped Arkon on his homeworld, the Thing bested Gaard, closing off the nexus. With Arkon's plans ruined, I.T. was forced to relinquish its controls over its holdings and dissolved.[4]

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