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April, 2017February 8, 2017
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Morris Sackett (Earth-616) from Barnes & Noble Make Mine Marvel Sampler Vol 1 1 001
The Terrigen Cloud's going to... expand or something. In just a few days, the whole planet will be poison to the mutants. They attacked us now because they didn't think they had a choice. Unless they destroy that cloud... they leave the Earth or they die.
Conversation Tail
Champions Vol 2 1 JTC Exclusive Negative Space Variant
Ms. Marvel
You guys... who are the good guys?
Conversation Tail

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• The young Inhumans devise a crazy plan to infiltrate Muir Island… The only thing standing in their way: the master of magnetism himself, MAGNETO.

• Meanwhile, Medusa and the other royals mount a desperate effort to escape from the mutants’ prison in Limbo...

• ...and an X-Man changes sides!!

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